Nga pa li Beach Hotel

The Nga pa li Beach Hotel

The bungalows are surrounded by an exotic garden. The Pleasant View Resort, Ngapali Beach. This region is famous for its great seafood restaurants and beach atmosphere. This hotel is located in Gyeiktaw, near the Ngapali Golf Course and more! Check hotel rates and find the lowest price for the Amazing Ngapali Resort in Ngapali Beach.

Nagapali Hotels

We have a team of experts who can organise virtually any type of vacation in the whole wide range of countries. This is a choice of our most frequented Ngapali hotels. Validations and other limitations are possible - please call us. If you continue, you agree to our use of them.

2018 Ngapali Beach - All you need to know before you go (with photos)

There' s a direct plane from Bagan (Nyaung-u) to Ngapali in the mornings ('1 plane per day') or a stop in the afternoons, which is done by the KBZ airlines, so I can see the sun rise in Bagan before I fly to Ngapali. They said that it is not good for the wet seasons in Ngapali and most shops are shut down.

If you want to go to the beach in August, you can refer to this page, folks recommend some of Yangon's best places for a outing. - Shoals won't be very good in August. The month of August is in the midst of the rainy seasons in Myanmar. In addition, most shops on the beach are closed during this period.

However, if you still want to, please make sure you have checked the upgrade when you are in Yangon, as two bays can be accessed from there on a single outing. Chaung Thar and Ngway Saung Strands. You can reach both via the Pathein street from Yangon.

Be sure you know in Yangon if it's okay or not. - It is the best way to explore Ngwe Saung Beach all year round. A number of regular properties (from 20 US$ to 200 US$), half of which are open from June to September.

If you want to come to Ngwe Saung Beach better for you in August. The majority of the hotel is closed during the rainy period. Generally, if you want to go to Ngapali Beach. You' ll have to find a hotel there. However, if you are visiting Ngwe Saung Beach, it is no trouble to find out the hotel.

The Ngwe Saung is beautiful sandy and very pure sea. When you come in August, you should check out Ngwe Saung Beach Cheers!

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