Nga pa li

Gnaghi li

" Lonely Planet says it got its name from an Italian visitor who missed Naples. One of Myanmar's most famous beaches, Ngapali is part of Thandwe, a city and important port city in the westernmost state of Myanmar, Rakhine. Myanmar's main beach, Ngapali Beach, is a popular addition to a tailor-made tour of Myanmar for a few days of relaxation. There are no flights included in the budget. Q.

I read about jellyfish problems in Thailand, do you have jellyfish in Ngapali?

Beach Ngapali Excursion - 5 Day

With a few relaxing get-togethers at Ngapali Beaches, this is a great way to complement any longer Myanmar trip. Relax at Ngapali Beaches with its sandy beaches, glistening water, crisp shellfish and soft adventures such as biking, snorkelling and boating. It' supposed to look like other South East coast resorts before the touristic resorts came down (which promotes unbridled development), so now you can savour this little paradise.

There you will be picked up at the international airports and brought to Ngapali Beach, about 20-30 min. away. Alternatively you can take a bicycle and drive through the tranquil roads of Ngapali to the fishing town. During the next few working hours you will have free time, even if there are some suggested activites.

You' ll want to enjoy a lot of quality beaches, but there are more things to do in the area if it's not your thing to sit on the beaches all and sundry. There' s enough to do all these things, but also to relax and observe the locals on the sands.

For more exploration of the sea, take a boating tour and snorkelling, diving or kayaking near one of the many offshore islets. There is a very colourful aquatic environment here. Especially worth seeing is the untouched pearl island. Sandy is brilliant to the touch, the waters are surprisingly clear and the waters warmer.

Pearl Beach is the place to be if you thought Ngapali Beach was relaxed and untouched! There is only one restaurant/bar on the islands, but you should take your free moment for a while. You will return to the Yangon International Airports for your home trip.

Have some free in Yangon, especially some last-minute gift shop. Here you will find Longyi's (traditional clothing), jewellery, wood objects, painting, lacquered goods and other Myanmar arts and crafts. When you have been fortunate enough to visit some handicraft businesses in Myanmar, you will see many of the objects, as there are goods from all over the state.

Explore the city centre of Yangon with its wonderful and colourful architectural style. It is an unbelievably sanctuary for the Myanmar population and you will certainly sense the sanctuary of it. You can have supper in one of the upscale Yangon dining places or just take your noses and snacks by the road.

In Yangon, after breakfasts, you can do whatever you want until your departure.

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