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It is a brief guide to newspaper research and the history of the press. On-line searchable scanned images from various British newspapers. Get Metro Newspaper and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Map view

uk Phone . You can read all your newspapers and news pages online in one app.

The Daily and Sunday Express, Britain's busiest newspapers, free of charge for | Medias.

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Express-Archiv is a fully browsable data base of the paper. This is where you can look at, downlaod and printout historical pages of the Daily Express Zeitung from the year 1900. Sunday Express is also available from 2000. One of the simplest online newspapers to search with every page in thumbnails, small previews, full-screen views and print-ready PDF with living text and page-by-page browsing.

Everyone can browse by name, words or date for free to see all available thumbnail images; with a free sign up you can use the advanced browse; with an archives subscriptions you can display, load and reprint pages in full-sized.

Newspaper - The National Archives

It is a brief guideline for research into newspapers and the story of the media. It' always best to get started when you' re looking for newspapers now. More and more web pages are offering digitalized newspapers. For example, browse UK and foreign newspapers online: While some of the pages are free, many are subscription-based (£) and run on an institutional basis only, not an individuals one.

To find out if they have an institutionally subscribed access, please consult a British or The National Archives' Library. How can I find newspapers that are not available on-line? A number of galleries and galleries have a collection of newspapers. You can find our daily newspapers in: You can use the Archiving utility to find the contacts of other directories and more.

Has the National Archives got newspapers? While the National Archives are not the best starting point if you are looking for newspapers, we have some of them. These were not digitized, but the original documents are in the National Archives in Kew. When you are in the National Archives in Kew, ask for the CODOFO index, which contains a listing of Colonies newspapers.

When you want to browse the London Gazette, it is always best to look first on the Gazette's website, but The National Archives also has an archival copy (1665-1986) in ZJ 1. The National Archives in Kew also have a file that was put together by British Transport Historical Record (BTHR).

Use The National Archive's catalog to learn more about the history of the media. A lot of them have been printed in newspapers, magazines and publishing houses. Browse the Scoop! databank (£) for UK and Ireland reporters, 1800-1960. Browse Discovery, our catalog, to find data from The National Archive and over 2,500 files across the UK.

Now you can look for a specific press, company or other key word and your results will show detail from a number of databases. If the key words you are looking for appear in the data set descriptions, the results are shown on the'Data sets' page. If the key words you are looking for appear in the name of the organisation or individual that initially generated the data set (often not the same as the organisation or individual that currently owns the data set), the results will be shown on the "Data set creator" page.

An archive that contains pertinent recordings includes: You can also find entries in the National Archive that are of relevance to your research - try to search for key words such as "newspaper". Newspapers, news items and excerpts recorded in the National Archive can also be found. You can find more search hints on our Discovery help pages.

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