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Useful articles on Burma, including strategic and political analysis. Myanmar Times has four articles on the state of Rakhine on its website. Myanmar's state-run newspaper Global New Light of Myanmar reports that China has supported the military campaign in Rakhine. Take the opportunity to maintain market leadership in Myanmar. However, the intelligence service could not confirm this assessment.

Wave of Rohingya refugees strikes Bangladesh

According to the UN, the number of Rohingya migrants who have escaped from Myanmar to Bangladesh has risen by more than 35,000 in the last 24h. Since August 25, more than 123,000 Rohingya are said to have escaped the attack in Myanmar's state of Rakhine. Rohingya are a stateless, mostly Islamic ethnical minorities persecuted in Myanmar (also known as Burma).

Most of those who have escaped describe forces and Rakhine as Buddhist groups destroying their communities and campaigning to expel them. It fights Rohingya fighters who attack a civilian. Independent monitoring of the local conditions is very problematic, as there is limited entry, but since the attack by the Rohingya family, the flow has been moving to Bangladesh to the south.

While the UN says it is not clear when the last fugitives will arrive, the number of newcomers requiring housing and nourishment has increased drastically. "When the shootings began, we escaped to a mound. Salim Ullah, a peasant from the Kyauk Pan Du community in Myanmar, said when he landed in Bangladesh, "The military burned down homes.

Where' re the fugitives run away? It is said that in Rakhine several thousand Buddhists have also escaped southbound. The BBC Burmese was seen by a female telling Burmese that she saw Rohingya fighters attacking and running for her own lives in her town. "It is imperative that the safety agencies immediately stop all acts of force and deliver relief and long and sustained relief and relief," said Indonesia's Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi, who had a meeting with Myanmar's de facto head Aung San Suu Kyi on Monday.

Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, said that the arrival of Rohingya was a "great burden" for Bangladesh and urged global political leadership to put strong pressures on Myanmar to take it back. Cambodia is one of several countries where there have been demonstrations against the Rohingya question.

The Maldives has stopped trading with Myanmar. The Chechnya and Indian-administered Kashmir have seen protest and Kyrgyzstan have put off qualifying for the Myanmar Cup, referring to possible outcry. A high-ranking UN commissioner for humanitarian affairs on Monday said it was Suu Kyi's turn to intervene to defend the Rohingya.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will arrive in Myanmar on Tuesday for an formal meeting, but it is not clear to what degree he will address the matter.

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