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news article

Every Daily News article contains questions for understanding and critical thinking, which can be found under the article. When this is the title of an article, chapter or web page, it should be in quotation marks. Citing a newspaper article in print or online in APA format.

What do you quote a newspaper article?

Printable example: Preceding page numbers for newspaper items with p. or pp. When an article is displayed on intermittent pages, specify all page numbers and seperate the numbers with a decimal point (e.g. p. B1, B3, B5-B7). Sample (electronic version): Specify the homepage address if the article's on-line edition is available via searching to prevent non-functioning addresses.

CBC - Standard Grade Bitesize English

The bite of this revision gives you suggestions on what you can do if you want to review a newspaper article. As a rule, articles appear in the press. It tells the reader about what has happened in their surroundings or about domestic or foreign messages. Standard grade stationery orders usually ask you to send an article to your regional newspaper.

Papers are often reread by those who want to know what is going on. If you are planning your messages, keep in mind that newspaper articles usually give the answer to the following questions: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW, HOW? Cristopher Brodie celebrates his Olympic medallist win in the 100m Paralympics-race.

In the crowded Sydney Australian arena where the matches took place all weekend long, Chris ran the races of his entire lifetime to traverse the line in the Golden Medal. He never thought he would become the Olympics winner when he entered the city' s track and field team.

Thanks to the pioneer work of sport researchers and the physicians at St. Thomas' Hospital in Glasgow, Chris has now been able to take full benefit of the latest sport prosthesis technologies. He endorsed Dr. Brown's assertion when he said that the new foot permitted smooth motion and a much less sluggish walking technique.

Are you able to relate to WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHEN, WHY and HOW in this review? Who' s the lead character the story's about? It' s good to see that the protagonist in the history is Chris Brodie, who won the Sydney Paralympic Games Golden Award the previous game.

Read the review again. Take a close look at the most important characteristics of a newspaper article.

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