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Matthrubhumi is a Malay-speaking daily newspaper published in Kerala, India. Dailyhunt (formerly NewsHunt) on the App Store The Dailyhunt (formerly NewsHunt) provides messages and movies in 14 Hindi language from India's top and top papers, favorite blog posts and web sites in an app beloved by more than 150 million worldwidely. The Dailyhunt has been totally re-designed with a nice user friendly user surface designed to simplify the read process and with enhanced features that provide a steady flow of personalized messages, photos and visuals in your chosen langua- ge.

DAILIHUNT offers messages & video in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, Urdu, Oriya, Bhojpuri & Punjabi. Receive news, everyday news videos, headlines & updates a. s. on policy, sport, business, Bollywood & entertainment, tech & automotive. Keep up to date with alerts, trend messages, video and life crisis results about India's best message application.

When you need a big grin and a break from your crowded diary, take a look at Buzz: the best trend video, fun pictures, pictures and memories on the web. You' re never far from the thrills with the latest Dailyhunt app on TV. Several non-newspaper related items will be published and advertised.

Madhyamamam is a Malay-speaking paper from Kerala, India.

Madhyamamam is a Malay-speaking paper from Kerala, India. There are 10 issues in India 7 in Kerala and Bangalroe, Mangalore and Mumbai. Madehamamam is the fourth biggest Kerala paper offering the latest India and abroad headlines, economic and political, sporting, entertainment and more. Many other newspapers can be viewed in a simple file.

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Bangalore, Bangalore-based Ver Se Innovation Pvt Ltd, the creator of the local-language NewsHunt wireless application, has renamed its flag ship DailyHunt. Commenting on the rebranded application, Vishal Anand, CEO, Ver Se Innovation, said in a recent issue blogs posting, "It's clean, with a wider visual and a lot of new functions to help you explore and more.

NewsHunt was launched five years ago as an application to deliver regionally spoken contents to Indian cell phones and has become one of the largest message and e-book apps in the state. "Things that began with the solution of technologies for on-premises voice messaging have evolved into the solution for e-books, journals and comics," Anand said in his diary.

The renamed application is the company's next step in making its services available to Bhojpuri readership, and other language versions such as Assamese, Sindhi and Nepali will follow. To date, the corporation has provided contents from 100 message publishing companies in 12 different language versions, among them Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Marathi.

There is also new information from Bangladesh and some Africa. She has created a new front-end, personalizing the flow of messages by proposing messages, textbooks and video clips on the basis of personalized read behavior, and added a tagging function to provide better accessibility to favorite contents and resources. NewHunt was launched as an app for function telephones and later extended to include smarthphones.

In 2014, it specializes in e-books and currently works with around 150 local and international publishing houses.

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