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The Newshunt Latest news, pictures, videos and special reports from The Economic Times. NewHunt - India's most downloaded mobile newspaper app. Find out more | Help | German. Malayalam, Tamil and Marathi next to English on his Android app. Inamam Haq warns Pakistan against harsh English conditions.

German News Hunt in INDIA 1.0 Free Download

German News Papers - Daily in INDIA Latest news in one app. British newspapers. Up to date news in an app. The app contains the best papers from India. Deutsch News Hunt in INDIA is a free newsgroup client based communication tool.

At the moment the application is available in English and was last modified on 01.09.2005. Deutsche News Hunt in INDIA (version 1.0) has a filesize of 1.05 megabytes and can be loaded from our website. Simply click on the above icon to begin. So far the programme has been installed 213 time.

We' ve already verified that the downlaod is secure, but for your own safety, we suggest that you use your anti-virus to check the casino anti-virus on your computer. This is the English News Hunt in INDIA change log since it was published on our website on 27.09.2006. Please see below the changes in each version:

Newshunt - Latest news, astonishing movies

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Livetv & Latest Dailyhunt App - With Livetv on the latest Dailyhunt app, you'll never be far from the thrill. The Dailyhunt (formerly Newshunt) has been re-designed with a nice user friendly user friendly user friendly user friendly user friendly user friendly user friendly user friendly user friendly user friendly user friendly user friendly user friendly user friendly user-facing.

NewHunt Review

But it is not something most of us can allow ourselves to find a quiet moment to go through each item in peace. If you have ever tried to read a newspaper while commuted, especially on commuter lines, then you know exactly how unwieldy it can get. One application like NewsHunt, which contains over thirty of the most loved daily papers, can help you.

It has been around for some time and is actually very well-loved. It has a very easy user friendly user friendly user friendly user friendly application and on the homepage you will find a complete listing of all newspaper and message pages that the application supports. It is divided into different language versions, so that you can get the English newspaper lists by click on English.

In addition to English, Hindi, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi and Kannada are supported. There is a large newspaper population. As an example, you have under the English daily papers and pages to pages such as Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, Mid Day, The Hindu, The Hindu, Ibn Live, cricketnext und Tech 2 among others.

What is lacking, however, are the papers and pages of the Times Group. If you choose a paper, you will find several index cards, which are essentially categorized as current affairs, domestic affairs, internationals, sports, Bollywood, lifestyles, etc.. Each of these catagories depends on the paper or the page you choose. One great thing is the possibility to choose which category you want to see the newscasts from.

You can do the same with the Add Kategorie button at the bottom right. You can choose the catagories and also have the possibility to alter the order. If you are viewing a particular item, you can adjust the color of the wallpaper and even the typeface.

You can also distribute the latest articles through online media and even through messages and other messaging applications you may use. In addition, NewHunt also offers a recruitment section where you can find the Naukri and Monsters websites. There is a search by category and if you find a matching position, you can either submit an application for the position or store it for use later.

By clicking on Submit, you have the opportunity to submit your CV by e-mail, with your cell number or with your access data on the jobs page. The possibility to submit an application via telephone numbers and e-mail is, however, restricted to Naukri. Contents, both in the daily newspapers and in the newsgroups, are up-to-date and also provide current messages.

You can also easily find your most-read newspaper or website via the "Current Newspapers" button on the home screen. Overall, it is a great application that brings you your everyday dosage of newness. Whilst almost all major newspaper companies have their own applications, the benefit of NewsHunt is that you can share several of them on one single plattform.

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