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The MWD web portal for news and information! Home/Legal Library - Project - News - Contact - Search. It' search, news, information, things about people, celebrities. Use this deep search site insteadTruthFinder People Search subscription to stop googling names. Myanmar's international real estate service provider.

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Yangon Globe Economic and Social Development, Yangon.... Yangon Globe Financial and Economic Cultures... RANGOON: Burma's Burmese military has a tripartite talk with.... Personal Blog... Messages about the criminals in Burma and their action against the..... The MWD web portal for messages and information! Myanmar Messages........

We' re the UK's leading global education organization and the first Myanmar B2B portal to offer business ressources, raw material and more.

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She has already started a program of medical and hygienic care for schoolchildren with the goal of reach 4 million within the next two to three years. It currently has almost 200 people at its plant in Thailand, some of whom are returning to Myanmar to resume work in that state.


Political parties are planning a discussion on the Rohingya ethnic group in Myanmar. This committee has set a date for a discussion on the proposal in Westminster Hall: "against the Rohingya Muslim minorities in Myanmar in e-petitions 200224 and 200371 and the P002061, P002064, P002078 and P002104 patent petitions." Helen Jones, Member of Parliament, will open the discussion.

Please see the government's response and petition: Stops the Myanmar massacre - the British government is asking for help! What is this proposal under discussion for? It has the authority to plan discussions on electronic signatures in the Second Chamber of the House of Commons, Westminster Hall. How will the discussion on petitioning help? Discussions on petitions in Westminster Hall are general discussions on the questions posed by the petition.

Members can argue the request and, if they wish, ask about the attitude of the authorities on this matter or urge them to act. One of the ministers of the administration participates in the discussion and responds to the points made. Petitions in Westminster Hall cannot directly amend the Act or lead to a referendum to put the petition's motion into practice.

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