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Headquartered in Leeds United, Leeds United has allegedly supported a violent regimes on the Myanmar trip.

The Leeds United has refused to support the Myanmar government because the team had announced a post-season visit to the South East Asia state. Yorkshire side was charged with "supporting a violent regime" - with Amnesty International's warnings, the journey could be used to "wash up" the country's balance of people.

Myanmar, also known as Burma, was convicted worldwide after the violent events in its Rakhine state, where the United Nations feared a "textbook example" of violent ethnical purges by the Rohingya Muslim population. Over 600,000 Rohingya are said to have escaped from the West to neighboring Bangladesh, and Myanmar leaders Aung San Suu Kyi are faced with a call to cancel her Nobel Peace Prize.

Leeds United announced on Tuesday that they will play two friendlies in Myanmar after the end of their campaign - one against the international side and another against an all-star outfit. The notice on the club's website, however, contained no indication of the present state of Myanmar's politics and humanity - which led to criticisms from policymakers, right-wing groups and supporters.

The Labour deputy and Leeds United follower, John Mann, said in the Yorkshire Post: "instead of going to battlefields to support a violent regime." Amnesty International UK Executive Kate Allen also voiced concerns about the club's "strange choices " and urged Leeds United to use the visit to call for an end to the violations of Myanmar's people.

"Too often sports have been used as a low-cost PR instrument to "wash" the spot on a country's balance sheet on people. "We' re not gonna tell Leeds United where to go or where not to go. "But if the trip continues, the team should use its influence to demand an end to the repression and bring to the attention of the Myanmar government the hardship of tens of thousands who have been brutalized and coerced to leave their houses.

The Leeds United Supporters' Trust talked about "dissatisfaction" among the club's fan base about the post-season concert roadshow, which raised "ethical questions" and also "understandable concerns" about the security of those travelling to the state. At the moment, the Foreign Office is advising against travelling to some parts of Myanmar, the British warning against "avoiding all protests and large meetings", as "political tensions and riots could occur in the near future".

United said more information on travel to Myanmar will be published soon and asked for further support. While welcoming the club's assurances of supporters' security, the Trust said the trip was "a curious and contentious decision given the perilous current Myanmaranmar' s politicos.

"Burma is one of the most rapidly developing countries in South East Asia and loves the game. "It will give us the chance to get to know new soccer supporters who will hopefully be supporting us on our way back to the Premier League in the next few years. Responding to the Myanmar trip critics, a Leeds United spokesperson said:

"that Leeds United does not support any regimes or governments. "We' ve worked with the Myanmar soccer federation and AYA Bank to prepare for the matches. "We' re convinced that soccer is bringing us together and we want to win the hearts of tens of millions of young fans and tens of thousand of players sharing our passion for the team.

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