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This is Steve Inskeep talking to Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch. This is the part of Myanmar where the Rohingya are or were concentrated. The Myanmar army was not the only group to slaughter civilians in the country, Amnesty International said. In Myanmar, alongside the Ryhingya, there are many internal conflicts. See the whole story at the top of the page.

United in Myanmar

Team United began their Wednesday campaign with a 2-1 defeat to the hosts' National League All Stars in Yangon. "I' m not interested in political games," Radrizzani said to the BBC. "Most of the supporters of Lead United, I think, understands that and support the work. The Myamar journey starts in Leads- what do travel enthusiasts think?

Myanmar's administration, which does not grant Rohingya nationality and considers them Bangladeshi illegals, says it is struggling against fighters and has refused to target any civilian. For the United Nations, the problems in the north of Rakhine were described as a "textbook example of ethnical cleansing". I am against any kind of violence," Radrizzani said.

"We' re just here to match soccer and hopefully give some pleasure to the supporters who wanted to see this friendly."

Burmese Rohingya migrants are preparing for the monsoons in the Bangladesh refugee camp.

However, the nearly 900,000 fugitives here are still very fragile. Justin Rowlatt of the BBC has been in the centres for a number of months since the beginning of the BBC mistreatment. And the Rohingya? Myanmar's administration revoked their nationality in the 1980' and since then has placed many limitations on them.

She is officially referred to as a "Bengalis", which suggests that the Nobel Prize winner, like many Burmese, regards her as an irregular immigrant from Bangladesh. Rohingya insists they come from Myanmar. So many Rohingya in Bangladesh? In Rohingya village there have been many rapes and murders.

The latest refugee surge followed about 200,000 Rohingya who had already been to Bangladesh after fleeing their houses after previous persecutions. The country is suffering from horrible cyclones and some of the world's heaviest rain. Seriously, the rainy month of May is set to begin and is likely to cause even more devastation and sickness.

What is the vulnerability of the Rohingya to monsoons and cyclions? Rohingya's exit was sudden. An UN guideline on the reinforcement of the camp building is violently clear about the risks: Classses are teaching the fugitives how to build their huts. Simultaneously, 50 ha of new lands are being grubbed up and the surrounding mountains leveled to provide solid soil for the 15,000 most affected by the monsun.

Can' t the bearings be vacuumed when a hurricane hits? No, Bangladesh has a good early bird alert system for hurricanes, but there are no evacuation schemes for them. How about sending some Rohingya migrants to a secluded isle? On Bhasan Char, a mudslide archipelago created less than two centuries ago from the murky water of the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh has built streets, naval and shelter.

"She said the warehouses are bad for your health." Fears that all Bhasan Char displaced people will be quarantined and handed over to Cyclone, flood and trafficking. When will the Rohingya returnees be returning to their Myanmar houses? This is what most fugitives in the refugee camp say what they want.

In November last year, a readmission treaty was concluded between Bangladesh and Myanmar. Nearly six month later, not a fugitive has yet come home - claiming to have brought back Myanmar, a five-person host families released as "farce" by Bangladesh. And Bangladesh says the blame is Myanmar.

"Sheikh Hasina said Myanmar says they are willing to take back the Rohingya, but they are not taking the lead. Myanmar, for its part, says it has checked repatriated asylum seekers, but Bangladesh has not provided all the necessary information. How does this affect the population in the centres?

Assessing the psychological state of the camp population is disappointing.

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