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A free app that lets you easily switch between the main news of the day and your personalized news feeds. With the News Suite, you no longer need to visit multiple websites and applications to stay up to date. Get the latest news about The Festival Suite At Viva Blackpool in Blackpool. Stay up to date with the latest diplomatic news. Are you looking for the best online productivity suite for your business?

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If the News Suite application (former name: Socialife) is pre-installed on Xperia, the end customer may not be able to remove the application. Choose News Suite (or Socialife) from the[All Applications] drop-down menu. - Note that you do not need to log in and all people can use[Keywords] and[Bookmarks]. - Browse your feed by categories.

  • Stream and bookmark your files between different machines. While a news item appears in the News Suite, touch the Sharing tab and choose the application you want to use. Are the News Suite free of charge? Use of the News Suite is free of charge. Up to 6 planned newsfeed messages can be configured.

Learn how to clear or modify planned submissions. Which News Suite is used? In order to find out the News Suite version: Choose[Settings] >[About this application]. All RSS and keywords subscribed to[My Feeds] can be transferred. Where can I upgrade my feeder manual?

To refresh your feeder, place your fingers on the feeder and scroll down. They can also enforce the updating of feeds: Choose[Update]. What can I do to alter the order of the slides? Choose[Settings] >[Edit Tab]. Press [My Feeds] in the top right corner of the display to move the item to[My Feeds].

Touch and hold down the element whose location you want to move until its colour changes, then dragging it to the desired location. You cannot move elements that are displayed. Is it possible to enter a link to your RSS reader to enter it? When a news page or diary has an RSS file, it can be added to[My Feeds] by typing the RSS file name.

You can find a guide to add a feeder here. Use this number when you are receiving News Suite updates alerts, periodic messages, notes, etc.

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