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India's largest media company's official'News Point' app brings you the best news experience from India, the regions & the world on the go. is a leading news application that delivers the latest news from trusted sources. You don't have time to read the paper? Here is an app to keep you up to date with the latest news. American Indiana doctor creates app to help STD patients get treatment.

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India's biggest news publisher's official'News Point' app gives you the best news experiences from India, the region & the globe on the go. Get the app on your Windows machine and keep up to date with real-time news network news NBT (Hindi), ES (Bangla), NGS (Gujarati), MT (Marathi) & VK (Kannada) and more.

It has everything an eager news-savvy news readers needs - current news, current news headslines, trend reports and detailed reports on sport, fun, business as well as technologies. Coming from India news to the worlds news, politics news to crime news, technologies news to Bollywood news and movies reviews of Bollywood, Hollywood and local movies - get the most pertinent coverage of celeb news.

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The About Times Internet Times Internet, India's biggest Internet network, is the global company of the Times of India Group, India's biggest group in the world. Founded in 1999, Times Internet has been at the forefront of India's digitally innovative industry. The Times Internet runs a range of web and mobiles that appeal to tens of thousands of users worldwide.

Today Times Internets is the biggest in India with over 37 million visits per month, according to Comscore. From, a social media game, its product line has grown to include a broad array of on-line content including news, MVAS, e-commerce, emails, blog, music, videos and location-based content. Essentially, Times Internets is connecting with the user through the many things a user could experience digitally.

The Times Group is one of India's biggest publishing and consumer electronics companies, with a strong history of cross-platform publishing excellence stretching back 175 years.

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