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Vice-President Ousainou Darboe, other cabinet secretaries, spokespersons for the administration and a standing clerk will be inaugurated today, a..... Badara Joof, Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (MoHERST), has issued a declaration stating that the MoHERST administration..... Mr President, we are still calling for a nationwide settlement in this new Gambia, and in the interests of the country you will always.....

Gambia U-17s will perform at the FIFA Goal Project in Old Yundum today, 9 and 10 July this year.

electrically powered vehicles

As part of a proposed emission reduction measure, new houses in the suburbs of England would have to be equipped with electrical vehiclechargers. By 2050, the UK authorities intend to lower the UK's GHG emission by at least 80% of 1990 level. Chris Grayling's suggestions are aimed at facilitating the recharging of an electrical vehicle instead of refuelling gasoline or fuel.

Increased funding will be provided to finance the recharging structure. A controversy over what kind of car can be bought after 2040 has slowed the government's road to zero policy. Governments environmental consultants say that CO2 vehicle emission must be halted by 2040 if Britain is to meet its ambitious long-term environmental goals.

This means that after this date, automobiles should be powered by either power or induction. However, automakers like Toyota, who specialize in hybrids gasoline-electric powered automobiles, have argued that it makes no point wearing a large enough size to travel 200 miles.

They seem to have won their case that they can still sell them - to the horror of those who protect the environment who say that the job of combating CO2 from traffic is already going far too slow. In its new policy, the German federal administration sees a part to play in the field of innovative technologies.

RAC Foundation, an automotive research charitable organization, found that the electrical automotive industry's expansion was hindered by a shortage of widely used, dependable and easy-to-use governmentchargers. AA research shows that eight out of ten riders see the shortage of chargers as a hurdle to purchasing an e-cars.

As the Automobile Association said, the suggestions are "a move in the right direction" and added: "There is still much to do to unlearn the driving skills of gasoline and diesels".

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