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News on App

Simply open the app, find your channel and enjoy local TV news anywhere, anytime. These are the best news apps for Android to help you get started! News is a mobile app and news aggregator developed by Apple Inc. The latest news, rumors and things you need to know from all over the world. Keep up to date with the most interesting apps.

News-On - View TV News locally

Get immediate, free on-premise TV news feed. Broadcast news from more than 150 news channels in the U.S., from New York to Los Angeles, from Miami to Seattle and more. View real-time news, past shows (up to 48hrs for most channels ) and news from your favourite channels.

Get connected to your communities and help shape the way the news in the region will look in the near to you. NewON is rapidly becoming the biggest news channel ecosystem in the United States. See news broadcasts on air or on your own schedules, with most channels providing full news broadcasts for up to 48hrs. Simply send message videos to your buddies via e-mail, text, Facebook or Twitter.

NewON has a convenient navigational pull-down list to help you find channels that are in your location or elsewhere you want to follow them. Personalise your messages by storing your favourites or use our basic search function to find a new channel. Don't miss another news flash. You can use news alerting to take you directly to the place and the instant the latest news arrives.

Capture all the excitement from trustworthy community news crews. Simply open the app, find your channel and watch TV news anywhere, at any time.

Use NewsON to bring your local news stations to iOS, Android and Roku

Today, a firm named NewsON started an app that works on iPhone, Android and Roku machines. Supported by a group of TV channels, the agency alleges to provide on-premise news in 75 per cent of the US, which includes videos from 118 channels in 90 stores.

It comes at a moment when more and more subscribers are abandoning their subscription to CATV and SAT TV in favour of streams and other over-the-top offers such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Amazon. However, when you sever the wire, you often lack the comprehensive reporting you previously had on TV and its many television stations.

Different organizations are trying to resolve this issue in different ways, whether they are news labels that offer stand-alone news applications they have developed themselves; news labels that work with streams such as VICE with HBO; subscriptions like Dishish' TV that deliver news to consumers via CATV broadcasts; start-ups that offer their own network aggregator that work with portable devices such as Haystack TV or Watch Up; DVR manufacturers that are recording over-the-air programs from anntenna such as

However, while many of these rivals can help provide messages, access to your messages can still be a problem. So maybe that's why we see a bunch of news channels trying out Twitter periscope streaming their programmes? Watchup is the next rival, seeking to partner with 9 regional broadcasting companies with a total of 150 regional publishers in 100 countries.

In addition, Monitorup is streaming domestic and international news from 100 other trademark resources. Provides news and clip from a channel near a user's whereabouts, both on and offline, whether it's their home or visited. Locate your locations from the app's interactivity chart, and while watching your videos, you can also use an integrated time line utility to find the part of the application you want to view - such as shop, sport or sun.

It also has an additional feature that allows you to see and publish news stories in near-realtime. NewsON theoretically may sound like a neat complement to a cable clipper, but in reality the app has a bad look and a complicated username . If you want to use the app while travelling in an unknown store, it's not clear which stops on the right-hand side (over a prank) are actually in the town itself and not in the area or state.

At the end of the working days, NewsON is a way to see your news on your iPhone or Android phone or tray or your Roku or Roku TV - even if you don't have an aerial or subscribe to paid TV. Established in June 2015, NewsON is supported by a group of founders that includes ABC owned Television Station Group, Cox Media Group, Hearst Television, Media General and Raycom Media.

She has added Hubbard Broadcasting as a member and shareholder and provides non-owner videos from channels such as Graham Group and TEGNA. NuSON refused to say how much money the shareholders had invested in the enterprise to get it off the road. It is currently headed by Louis Gump, former Chief Executive Officer of LSN Mobility.

Previously, Gump also worked for The Weather Company and CNN. NewsON is free for the consumer, but the app itself has a number of different ways to earn money, he says.

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