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Caving: rescue: Another four cubs saved by Thai Navy diver

This group was caught in the cavern on 23 June after torrential rain and was found last weeks underwater. There were four young men on Sunday, but the operation was interrupted over night so that the aerial tank could be swapped. They were not given the name of the saved young out of deference to the family whose children were still inside, and they were not reunified with their own family, the head of missions said.

Outside the infirmary, where the young were admitted, there was a strong policing and press outreach. This was a clear indication that the bailout went according to schedule. He wore the first kid to be saved on Monday. As twilight fell, a small group of local people assembled in front of the clinic.

It was filtered out that more young were saved. Three more ambulance cars came in the shape of indicators - which means the salvation of three more cubs. Bailout will continue on Tuesday. So how are the guys moving? There is a group of 90 experienced scuba diving professionals - 40 from Thailand and 50 from Oversea.

You have led the young through the dark and underground corridors to the entrance of the Tham Luang caves. The arrival and departure of the guys was also for advanced scuba diver a strenuous round tour. At about half distance the hardest part is at a section called "T-Junction", which is so narrow that diver have to take off their tank to get through.

In addition, a chamber 3 was converted into a front diving centre. There, the young can relax before they make the last, lighter passage to the door. Afterwards they are taken to the Chiang Rai clinic. This was the 17-year-old Peerapat Sompiangjai's birth day when the group was captured in the caves.

Probably the snack the boys bring to the party helps them to live out their ordeals. They were found in the cavern a fortnight ago by a group of Brits rescued diver about 4 km from the caves. Emergency services have pumped desperate amounts of liquid out of the cavern, and Mr Narongsak said on Sunday that the level inside the cavern has been the weakest so far.

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