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Nowadays news headlines, breaking news & current news from India and the world, news from politics, sports, economy, art and entertainment. The leading Indian newspaper in English. Although TOI was the largest English-language daily newspaper in India, I always prefer to read The Hindu. When it comes to news selection, the Hindu is the best. Sushma Swaraj, India's Foreign Minister, met Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, in Brussels yesterday.

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The next step is the trial of having a little bit of your own to write about and discuss with your family. When you' ve done all this, there won't be much else to do. Today I opened another page of the paper for the first day. Turns out there's an England-India crime show that runs all the way through, and Wimbledon is coming to an end.

Ambassador Aman: The organizers of this highly erratic championship have been knocked out. In the first thirty goals, Cheryshev opened the match from Russia, a breathtaking out of the blue goal. But Luka Modric has once again proven that there is no one in the whole wide globe who resembles him, as he led his team to a well-deserved equaliser and then into the lead in overtime.

The minute came and went, the pure power and power of Russia's supporters could be felt all over the globe, and just five moments before the full-time pipe was due to sound, Russia beat back a Mario Fernandes, a Brazilian-born nationalist. Whilst penalty kicks are certainly not a gamble, there was an aspect of "anything can happen" when the whistling announced the end of overtime, but after a topsy-turvey shooting Croatia won with the last penalty shot.

It was a well-deserved place in the finals four for Croatia, which was very impressive at this World Cup. They' ll be playing England in the next round, while Russia will be at home after some encouragement in their national team. Abijit: It may only be a semi-final for Modric and Croatia, but that's quite big for a small and humble national.

Much has been said about Belgium's gold medal, but this is also the Croatian gold medal ist a little more mature over the years. A further penalties must have put the Croatian fans' stamina to the test, but this is a small prize for a first semi-final since 1998.

Modric, Rakitic and Co. will now try to pass the well-known opponents Britain, and a first finale is in view. You took out the Russian homestay last evening, now it's a good day to return her. Croatia has it in it. Britain is not the favourite.

The last penalties, now in the semi-finals of the World Cup for the first since 1990, are only good signs for him. Britain dreams, its admirers dream, and why not? For the three lions, Russia or Croatia, this is the opportunity of life.

Harry Maguire himself won points, rolled on the English truck with painstaking preparations and untiring temperament. Two-zero and France look going into the semi-finals looking really bad.

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