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World of the Orient

Mondays briefing: SHS at 70 - MP' s pushed to "think big" released: 6:25 am - Monday statement: Urgent at 70 - MP' to think'big' Planemaker says UK plants are under siege as negotiations fluctuate...the Windrush walkers are celebrating...and who is aligning to take Theresa May's work?

Wednesdays briefing:'Bad actor' Facebook punishes 500k pounds world news

The UK ICO, the UK regulatory authority for statistics, is to impose a £500,000 penalty on Facebook for its share of the Cambridge Analytica affair. "Failure to offer the kind of protection they are obliged to have under the Privacy Act," said Elizabeth Denham, the Information Officer. That' s about five and a half minute sales for Facebook - because of the time of the violations, it missed out punishments that could have snatched $1. 09bn under the new European privacy law (GDPR).

Cambridge Analytica's mother corporation SCL Elections went bankrupt in May, two month after Observer announced that it received 50 million Facebook profile applications. Tirteen All Out - There were cry of "Hooyah" all around but also last moment emotionality when the pipe prop holding facility altitude feather fail ing, propulsion Savior into a abstinence region shortly aft the Thai vaulted.

However, the tale has come to a happy end, because all 12 youngsters and the trainer of the wild boar soccer club are safe. They had to stay to hug them because they were under quarantine in the Mae Sai Caves in the event of infection from their ordeals.

Wage Wars - Overnight Donald Trump has declared another 200 billion dollars in customs duties on China's import. However, large companies and US retail traders are critical of the escalating price levels, saying that they will beat higher-priced and higher-cost companies while introducing further countervailing duties on US export to China.

On the occasion of a news briefing with Angela Merkel, Theresa May pledged an "orderly brexite". Donald Trump, who will arrive in Britain in the morning, said the state was" in turmoil" and was complaining about NATO when he went to its Brussels summits. He said he could have a happy period if he met Vladimir Putin.

Asia's market was generally lower after the Trump government said it was prepared to levy duties on another $200 billion of China's import to the US. We will allow them "fame", even if this is not the finale, while Theresa May calls on the minister to make emergency action plan for a no-deal brexit.

Telegraph goes with Donald Trump and explains that Britain is "a nation in turmoil". The subtitle of the Times split is "Tories draws 'battle lines' over May's Brexit plan". Soccer is missing at the front of the mail - instead he decides to resign the RAF and Brexit and keeps the World Cup on the back, whereby Gareth Southgate hopes to perform "It's comin' home".

"tomorry's your soccer brexit."

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