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Stay up to date with the best news apps on iPhone and Android. All information is clean and, above all, free of advertising. Get the latest news for our time and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can download Flipboard and start today - it's free! And if you prefer video messaging, the free CNN app is probably your best choice.

The BBC News

Receive the latest news from the BBC and our worldwide journalist community. It also provides the BBC News Channel with streaming services, personalization and personalization, so you can rearrange the news category according to your interests. Main features: Top Stories bring you the latest news from our reliable worldwide journalist team.

The My News function allows you to personalize your news offer. Wherever you see the + symbol, you can quickly access the story you like. Quickly find contentThe application can suggest themes related to your site, recent news and what's on the news.

Read more of the news that matters to youWe now have a wider range of storytelling from the newroom, including: When you decide to get press alerts, Urban Airship will store a clear ID for your unit on BBC's name in order to be able to offer it to you. They can unregister under'Settings' of BBC News pushing alerts.

The 10 best iPhone News and News Reader Apps

It used to be easy to keep up with the news. You' ve collected your favourite tabloidsheet or broadsheet on the way to work or stopped a planned news programme on TV or FM/FR. Today, the web has changed the way news is written and disseminated.

It can be a big problem to keep up with the enormous mass of news agencies, news portals, and citizens' journals. There are a number of news reader apps available on the App Store, but only a small choice is worthwhile. Here you will find a choice of the best news apps for the iPhone.

Even better, it gives you full and detailed controls over which news resources are contained in each newscast. You can also use this nice news reader application from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Select which account you want to combine and select from the following contents categories: engineering, designing, economics and policy.

Sign up for single newsletters and resources via the online form's online subscription tool or store certain items in a personalised mag. Approximately a relatively young application, but the handling of messages and the optimized user interfaces make it an unbelievably interesting perspective. Rather than just recultivating web content, Circa uses a dedicated editorial staff to produce new bite-sized tales with only the key facts, quotations and photographs.

With the conciseness of the individual "chunks" and the shortened length of Circa products, you can scroll through the news simply and effectively. Briefly said, it is news, which are meant for the cell phone again. It has been completely redesigned to help people who want to search the news in a hurry.

At the moment there are only a few news classes, but we anticipate this list to be growing quite quickly. Like flipboard, it brings you news from a variety of different news agencies focused on particular subjects you are interested in. Some of the promoted catagories are technical, games, women's healthcare and men's fashions.

Each of these paragraphs is displayed in a default sidebar, which contains a small square mesh of different items. Every line is a different publishing and you can browse down to see your source. You will see a start page showing a vertically fed selection of pertinent items with large, beautiful photographs below.

Choose your themes and preferred news sources or ask for proposals for your pocket lists, Twitter and Facebook account. The contents are shown in a similar to Zite format in a separate page with a series of predefined articles on news, style and sport in the side bar.

Each item is slim and easy to read; you can also release each item for Pocket, Instapaper and a fistful of people. When you' re used to organizing user-defined listings and add certain kinds of feed, it's an unbelievably high-performance utility to keep up to date. The Digg is an icons, news aggregation site that was purchased and re-launched by Betaworks last year.

Today it is a trusted resource for news and detailed information from across the web. Digg's minimalist user interfaces adapt to the smaller display by providing just the right place for newsheads, photographs and newsreaders. Items can be seen as web pages or re-formatted to match Digg's sleek, consistent look.

There' s not much in the way of filtration or categorization (apart from a general lookup bar), but Digg's knockout punch is the addition of an RSS readers, similar to Feedly. Just a touch of a button will bring a sidebar with all your customized news source news items and listings, where you can also store your post.

PoPocket is our favorite'save it for later' read application on the iPhone, although instapaper works just as well. Any time you come across an interesting item - be it from an e-mail, a web page or simply on the Internet - you can store it in Pocket and continue with your work.

The Pocket then uploads the item to your device for secure storage. You have handpicked all these items, so Pocket doesn't have to make you any proposals. Journals and papers continue to have a central place in our coverage. You work in a different news lifecycle from the web and often make it easier for news coverage and long journals to set the daily schedule on-line.

Simply use the add-ons to synchronize your libraries and your applications will be synchronized instantly. Whether The Guardian, The New York Times or NPR, if you have a popular news channel, it's probably a good idea to check out your own Actions.

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