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The scheme is now closed for applications. Please follow @BBCGetin for current information. It' about to happen, we read about it. Born a baby. You come and listen to the news.

The BBC - Extend in Digital News - A BBC News disability project to help the disabled.

Our goal is to appeal and challenging our audience in a new and exciting way and above all to keep in contact with people's souls. It is our goal to raise the number of disabled media in the BBC News due to under-representation throughout the BBC.

As part of the one-year program, we offer 12 internships in BBC News Mobile and Online teams: in News Online, Social Media and BBC Stories. During the 12-month period you will be provided with tailor-made trainings and assistance from BBC Executives and will also be supported by someone within the BBC News.

Some internships in the mobile and online departments require shift work, which includes weekend and overnight stays. United Kingdom and World Online: We expect them to have demonstrated journalistic proficiency and to be able to create clear new narratives within a short time frame. UBSs are asked to write histories and develop treatments for publishing.

SBJ' require in-depth understanding of our editing agenda, keen literacy and manufacturing capabilities, and the capability to react efficiently and manage a group in a fast-paced newsroom. It'?s just my digital video: These footage, both cut episodes and streamed clips, form the bulk of the videos available on BBC News digitally platform, which includes our major high-speed sites, applications and online community content.

The UGC and Welfare: SSBJs: Social: This is our top of the line channel on online content, with supporters in the double-digit million range and commitment. All of our publishers are seasoned reporters with outstanding journalistic judgment who are able to discover tales that are appealing to our expanding audience on the subject of online news.

Powerful typing abilities, the capacity to work with graphics and a deep knowledge of how soft copy works are crucial. Several of our self-service groups create and maintain Facebook theme pages, which are in charge of shaping the corporate and political agendas in areas such as economics, government and educait. BJ' s discover and revolve around storytelling that is both divisible and worth hearing about.

The BBC Stories: BJ and SBJ Level stories: The BBC created and curated outstanding authentic BBC editorial work. We have BBC storylines (video, stills and text), Like That (an FM offering aimed at a particular undistributed public), BBC trending, world hacks and Ouch. We' re leaders in the innovative way of storytelling in digital form and for the travelling public.

Our aim is for our audiences to see the best of BBC journalists and we work in close collaboration with Newsgathering, Panorama, Factual, TV Current Affairs, Radio Current Affairs, the nations and territories. There are BBC stories on the BBC News page, BBC News Apple, BBC iPlayer, FB, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. Successfull contestants have outstanding news judgment and are resourceful and inventive in dealing with stories.

Self-service jobs help curating BBC stories (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat).

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