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As a result of the introduction of the Oyster cards, the number of fines will be reduced to less than 1% this year. In the event that the pension plan is ratified, the remaining amounts will be cancelled in 2014. According to TRFL, it is considering steps to implement a new odyssey map function that would allow riders to take another coach ride if there was not enough money on their odyssey map - just to get them home.

Travellers will be charged for this additional trip when they top up their cardhold. of the London Assembly Labour Group's Val Shawcross : "when they' re fine cash-free, GfL should allow the public to put on their owster tickets and let clients charge on-line payment onto their alley maps when they bet on a coach, as London Underground clients already can."

The CEO of Transparency, Leon Daniels, said: "In this way, the achieved cost reductions can be reinvested in further important upgrades to the capital's transportation network."

norolk fund here lived 75 years ago.

When a 75-year-old man was lost on a stroll along the shore with his wife and daughter, he was saved from the sea almost 24hrs later. This unidentified man triggered a great quest after being last seen on Saturday at 17:10 AM at Brancaster in Norfolk. It was found in the sea at 14:36 AM by a Titchwell Marshes policeman, and the crews were able to get it out about an hours and a half later.

Spo Lou Provart of the Norfolk police said: "It was found in the sea, so we can only guess that it has been there for some while. While praising the "positive" use of the new UAV system, Insp Provart said that the "inaccessibility" of the place where the man was found made it hard to save him.

He was saved at 15:58 BC with the help of Lowland Search and Rescue.

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