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The most important new releases of the week. We post new tracks every day. The Pitchfork's Running Guide to the latest and greatest new songs, which are constantly updated throughout the year. The Star Trek-referencing track follows his excellent Grey EP. Allows you to create a new, empty mono audio track.

The most important new tracks of the weeks

Present the best new tracks of the month - and when to let them go. Great Britain is for once in its arid life relishing something similar to an actual summer, and Bad Gyal's reggaeton-banger'International' is a suitable one. "She opens up before complaining that "we could have been boyfriends, well, maybe not, maybe not the best boyfriends, but I would have screwed you" in a mighty choir.

One way or the other, it's a typical flute-driven, ostentatious musician from the'Mask Off' mega star. YUNGBLUD channeled the cheeky attitudes of Jamie T, Rat Boy and thousands of other cheeky Britons before him.

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Ornamenting the début LP of the new Rumanian artists and labels with a gently colored minimum role. The UK Ravers, pauses, deep home - it all comes together on this beautiful sommer marmalade. Damon Wild's organ-led technique first published on Synewave in 1998 smoothes and slams. It is the first in a new record serial, named Archive Edits, by the Soma team.

Noble, low building, inspires from the Alishan Forest Railway in Taiwan. The emotive song from Gooms' forthcoming second record is like a silence movie on a broken TV. A swiss-made gonorrhea. Goa club mesmerizing technical. A highly-octant ( "brutal") Techno tune that brings young break ers through a flesh mincer, ending with hectic singing and slap-back-echoes.

It' from Pearce's upcoming Club Tools 001 EP. Damon Wild's organ-led technique first published on Synewave in 1998 smoothes and slams. It' the first in a new line of labels known as Archive Edits from the Soma crews, this one here, but if you don't have it - it's a gorgeous, sparkling sleeping song that turns into a clunky dancefloor band, AKA Four Tet in its best form.

Brézy, synchronized discotheque in the classical Mood Hut look. Reflective sonic arts for reflexion and self-discovery, from the new MILLENNIANAL volume by the LA artists, a compilation of sun-drenched post-geography stickers. Ultrafog, a Japan-based painter, revises Dub-Techno into something more uterine-like and cocoon-like.

There is only a touch of texture rhythms on "OIO", like drops dropping from a stalactite into a profound, murky swimming pool. This 90' dyed bombshell is perfect for any warm-up kit, open-air, after party. Out Music' chief follows " " " " with another gigantic track, all electronic drum and echo-singing.

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