New Saung Beach Myanmar

All-new Saung Beach Myanmar

By day you can walk to the small island at the southern end of the beach of Ngwe Saung, which can be reached on foot at low tide. The area has beautiful white sandy beaches for visitors to look forward to, and there are a number of islands nearby that you can visit. The Ngwe Saung Beach is one of the most beautiful and pleasant beaches in Myanmar. Open all year round in Ngwe Saung, Shwe Hinthar. Chaung Thar,Shwe Hinthar,Khine Chaung Thar,Golden Beach and New Chaung Thar Hotels open in July.

The Ngwe Saung Beach, Myanmar; old style hotel & new guests

It is hard to differentiate islands between tourists and tourists in the satellites below our beach map of Ngwe Saung. This is due to the vast area occupied by many resort areas and the small number of rooms spread between the coco palms. If we enter some beach resort here, we have to run through a giant palm tree orchard to find the resort offices or rooms.

Elsewhere, beach resort would be jealous, because who can buy 300 meters of beach space in more favourite places? At Chaweng Beach in Thailand there are several properties with a beach promenade less than 10 meters in width and a large number of not more than 20 meters.

Ngwe Saung's default beach property is for Yangonese homestays who travel by road - for many years this was the only place the properties could have hoped for. Ngwe Saung's large beach hostels have enough of them. The exploding price levels will certainly result in many newer residential areas being constructed on increasingly smaller areas, whose floor plans are becoming an internationally accepted footprint that is suitable for those who arrive in busses and MPVs and not for cars.

This new, more consistent beach resor t has already been integrated into most of the newer, more sophisticated destinations that have recently been constructed. A lot of aliens came to Ngwe Saung before the tragic opening of the land, which began in 2011. Burma was a para state under a violent army regime and penalties and moral rights kept most people out.

Only a few aliens had known of Ngwe Saung or the other two beaches of Myanmar, Chaung Tha and Ngapali. At the end of 2013, when the pictures were taken here in Ngwe Saung, some aliens were here, but it certainly wasn't a tide. At some of the more upscale hotels, a clear majority of visitors were foreign nationals and thus an important part of the hotel's revenue and prospects.

Saung experienced a booming development, four large buildings were undergoing renovation or renovation. These activities were all driven by the trust in the community tourist industries that beach travel in Myanmar was on the verge of skyrocketing and making a lot of moneys. As well as the well-heeled tourist in the world' s top rated hotel, there were a considerable number of backpackers looking for less expensive rooms in the under $50 area.

They traveled to and from Yangon by bus, but it is interesting to note that their age was mostly in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, most of them Nordic. The anticipated tourist booming in Myanmar has already started with the building of large new properties along the seafront.

The number of tourists may still be low, but investor trust is obviously high that Myanmar will have a good share of the world' s travelers. In recent years, a number of high-end resort developments have also been opened that have significantly changed the natural environment of this once low-priced and disregarded backlog. Once the harvest of four new buildings is complete - by the end of 2014 - Ngwe Saung will have more high-quality beach resort than old, weather-beaten and withered beach resort properties.

Top destinations in late 2013 were Aureum Palace Estate, Bay of Bengal Estate, Myanmar Treasure Estate and Sunny Paradise. At the Ace Village was only a few words before the opening. The Aureum Palace shows some of the most stunning designs and architectures in Ngwe Saung - a hallmark of this group that has given similar names to properties in many parts of the land, as well as another beach resorta in Ngapali.

There is a vast expanse of land and a promenade that stretches over an incredible 550m. The Aureum was also the only place here with a president suites and an Executive Clusters with dedicated rooms around its own private bath. The Bay of Bengal Estate has an outstanding record as one of Myanmar's best resorts.

The beach also stretches for half a kilometer along the northern end of the beach, giving it a particularly peaceful and peaceful area. There is a broad, sand beach with the last section facing towards the NE and sheltered area. The Sunny Paradise Resort is another of the three large seaside resort with long promenades at the northern end, although the apparent drawback of only 300 meters of beach would be greeted by most resort elsewhere.

There are three sections that give the smaller wing the name Dream Paradise and Ocean Paradise. The Myanmar Treasure Estate is located near the town and makes it easier for visitors to go to the restaurant and shop. It has a particularly broad beach and the residence is located behind a beautiful sandy area.

Like the Burmese, overseas couples can travel by road from Yangon to Ngwe Saung, even if it is a rental with a native chauffeur. The first benefit: you can select a local-style beach resort with cottages in the orchards and parking your cars next to the doorstep - just like the people.

Using one of the old beach resorts (see below ) is much less expensive than check-in at an overseas hotel - although the reservation may require the support of a Yangon-based tour operator (see below ) in telephone call with the Ngwe Saung organisation. It gives you the liberty to come and go as you please and discover every part of the eight-kilometre-long beach at Ngwe Saung.

There are also some places of interest, such as the elephants' lair in the mountains, the few small buddhistic convents and the small towns and paddy farms. However, the greatest benefit of a personal vehicle is the possibility to reach the small Ngwe Suang town square with its shops and restaurant at will.

If you don't have your own transportation, your entrance to the town is restricted from the southern Ngwe Saung area. Distance is given in kilometers, and there is little public transportation. It is a practical alternative to take a motorbike taxi back to the town, if available, but none is the comfort of your own transportation in a place where things are so far apart.

Read more about the town and the restaurant in the Ngwe Saung map, and be ready for anything by learning about the journey from Yangon to Ngwe Saung. Enclosed are some of the cheapest beach resorts used by Myanmar residents travelling by bus. You can also find information on our accommodation, pictures and contact information here.

Most of them, however, cannot be reserved online and room reservations are only safe if they are made in the country's own languages by telephone.

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