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New Play Exchange is an optimized script discovery and recommendation engine for the new game sector developed by the National New Play Network. This is a new play by a professional playwright, developed and written in collaboration with students, with parts written especially for them. The Branksome Children's Centre in Poole offers new play sessions for children under five years of age with special needs or disabilities. Play'n Go is an online slot and software development company based in Vaxjo, Sweden. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child's official global website is based on a new story by J.

K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany.

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The New Play Exchange | National New Games Platform

It is the world's biggest and most intelligent databank of new pieces, reflecting the screenplay as new pieces are divided and discover. They are pleased to announce the New Play Exchange®, a cloud-based scripts repository that has been expanded with a powerful searching and filtering mechanisms, recommendation from the amount and retention of individual scripts and coverages information, and the accessibility of a web-site.

It is a impartial forum created for the public good of the whole new game industry - authors, production companies and everyone else who has fun doing new work - and its aim is ambitious: to revolutionise the way dramatists, theatre professionals and theatres work together all over the world. New Play Exchange is the outcome of several years of discussions throughout the nation with authors, literature executives, dramaturges, art executives, graduates and other prospective newcomers.

National New Play Network, Chicago Dramatists, Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas, Playwrights' Center and Playwrights Foundation worked together to explore and create the project by speaking with individuals from across the country to make sure different groups of users were present throughout the entire lifecycle.

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