New News App

A new news app

Sharing The new AI-based Google News App is now available on iOS. At its I/O developers' conference last week, Google said the revised, artificially intelligent Google News will be on Apple's App Store in the next seven days. This redesigned app replaces the previous Google Play newsstand app. The new Telegraph app for iPhone and Android delivers the news that is important to you quickly and free of charge. Keep up to date with the latest news, weather and traffic with the WABC Eyewitness News App.

New Google News App is here: Here is what you need to know

Launched last weekend at the opening of Google I/O, the all-new Google News App has been launched on iPhones in the US. This app, which will replace the Google Play Newsstand app on the iPhone and Android, will continue to be used in 127 states. This new app uses artifical brainpower and mechanized training to customize each user's news application to their own interests.

There' s a whole new look and feel in the new Google News App. Let us take a look at each tabs and a new function that is designed to provide the user with unprejudiced messages on a specific subject. A briefing is the first part of the news app.

The briefing contains five Google News selected for you according to your interests and your whereabouts. Following the top results, Google News is curating more interesting news for you. As you use Google News to browse tales and view video, the better these first tales will be.

You can tell Google News that you're not interested in a storyline or outlets by tapping the three-point symbol in the lower right hand side area of the thumbsheet. This same procedure is used to tell Google News that you want more from a particular subject. If you want to delve into an interesting storyline, the multi-coloured full covering page opens a new page, which is divided into different categories:

Every section will curate news from the Internet and various media, giving you the opportunity to browse or hear the news source(s) of your choosing. You can find the Full cover switch in the briefing feedback and at the top of the messages you have opened. If you want a wider viewing of messages around the globe, choose the Headings page.

Messages are divided into a row of horizontal headings at the top of the page. A thumbnail may provide more than one narrative with one punch to the right or right, while others are several. To open the history, touch one of the three-buttonnails.

Use the Favorites page to tell Google News what your interests are, which areas of the news you want to receive and which news organisations you want to use the app. In the Kiosk section you will find a listing of various newspaper houses and magazines as well as the possibility to sign up for the relevant service.

You can subscribe to the app and all your subscription fees will be charged and administered through your Google Playlist experience.

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