New name for Rangoon

A new name for Rangoon

Yangon, also known as Yangon, is the first. Yangon has been replaced by Nayppidaw as the new capital. Sign up for Rangoon or add a new placemark for Rangoon. The one is more formal than the other. Yangon.

n the former official name of Yangon n. the capital of Burma, in the S-part.

the Yangon

Burma's (Myanmar) capitol, in the S part of a country in Southeast Asia, on the Bay of Bengal. It is the name of the Union of Myanmar, the name of the Myanmar population. It then became an autonomous country under UK oversight until 1948, and intensive campaigning by Japans for Burma Road, an important service connection between China and India.

Burma was ruled by the army in the 1970' and 1980' and experienced an economic downfall. Edited by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Verlag.


Before, Rangoon. a mountainous country in Southeast Asia on the Bay of Bengal; "a lot of myanmar grows opium" Do you want to thank TFD for its being? Share us with a buddy, create a shortcut to this page or go to the webmaster's site for free, entertaining work. This is the linked page:

So what's the new name of Rangoon?

They were the first colonists of New York to name it New Amsterdam, after the Dutch capitol. Its name was changed to New York in honour of James, Duke of York, a son of the English Emperor who had organised the trip to take New Amsterdam for the English.

But I' ve not been very interested in giving up information about who you are and what you want to know when Spitfire was interred in Rangoon in 1945. The creation of a new name for the monitor depends on the application on which you want to name it.

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Aotearoa' is the MÄori name for New Zealand and means'land of the long blank cloud'. MÄori" is the name of the natives of New Zealand who were the first to explore the country. The Bahadur Shah Zafar was the Mogul imperial who was exported to Rangoon by the Brits. Abbel Tasman called the country Staten Landt because it was thought to be linked to South America.

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In Rangoon, can you eaten prawns that are expecting? Maternity shrimps are migrating from Rangoon to give birth to their heirs. Yes, Rangoon is the ancient Burmese empire capitol, but the formal name is now Yangon. It is likely that ethnic Germans called it after the Hebrew provinces of Brunswick, but no one is quite sure.

Folks abandoned England to build a civilisation in America and renamed many places after the things back in England. York-- York is a town in England. You made a New York and called it New York. Formerly New Zealand was called Staten Landt by the discoverer Abel Tasman of the Netherlands because he believed it was associated with South America.

Following Cook's first trip to the South Pacific, when he circled and mapped the coasts of the North and South Islands, this was later converted into English and included on British admiralty maps around 1770. Cannur is the new name. The Kannur region owes its name to the position of its head office in the city of Kannur.

Cannanore' is the old English name of the Malayalam term Kannur. Initially it was "Egypt"; after all it was New Egypt, with unofficial records of alteration. So what's the new name of Rangoon?

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