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Myanmar's new First Lady

If we are talking about the fight for Myanmar's democratic system, we may first think of the hardship of those politically active who have either been imprisoned or seriously ill. Since the prodemocracy insurrection in August 1988, she has unconditionally supported her man, the recently appointed President U Win Myint.

U Win Myint was borne in a farming community and Daw Cho Cho Cho Cho was borne in a wealthy household. She completed her enrollment at school, but her future spouse went to Yangon University and completed her studies in Jurisprudence and Geo Sciences. U Win Myint was adopted by Daw Cho Cho Cho's father and mother as her son-in-law because of his sincerity and intransigence.

They knotted the rope, had two kids, and their lives in Danubyu went well until U Win Myint plunged into pro-democracy rebellion in 1988. He was arrested for his riotist politics, and after his liberation he took part in the 1990 parliamentary election as a representative of the National League for Democracy as well.

Daw Cho Cho Cho Cho was very lucky, but her luck didn't last long. State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) rebuffed the 1990 results, imprisoning many legislators and destroying their livelihood. "U "U Win Myint went on working as a attorney in Danubyu after the poll.

So they had no income," said U San Htwe, who was also active as an electoral director in the 1990 Danubyu elections. In 1993, the SLORC administration called the Yangon Convention to draw up a new constitution, which was adopted in a 2008 nationwide referenda. The NLD legislator, U Win Myint, went with his people to Yangon to take part in the Covenant.

He and his familiy were kept under permanent observation by the army regimes, not only in Yangon. Returning to Yangon, U Win Myint had to move from one home to another because the government put the owners under a lot of caution. Eventually they set up after selling their home in Danubyu and buying an appartment in the municipality of Tamwe.

Whilst U Win Myint was held for the second conspiracy by secret service, her only child Than Win Htike passed away from typhus at the tender of the 16. They had to organise the burial themselves and U Win Myint was able to visit the buddhistic ceremony at home only seven day after the deaths of his sire.

Daw Khin San Hlaing of Pale Township said, "She courageously backed her husband's efforts all the way. With no work or money after the liberation of U Win Myint, Daw Cho Cho Cho Cho Cho had to dispose of her jewellery to help the whole household and educate her young girl Phyu Phyu Thin.

So she later ventured not to take the coach directly to her work," said lower house legislator U VAIHAing Tun to the municipality of Pathein. Mr. U Win Myint was serving at NLD headquarters in Yangon and participated in the 2012 Pathein by-election. "From Thabaw Kan we went to the town of Baw Mi for the poll.

The by-elections were won by U Win Myint who went to the town's guest house in the administration capitol Naypyitaw. "Several of the legislators next to U Win Myint were stand-alone. It is so good-natured and never stingy," said legislator Daw Khin San Hlaing. He also won the 2015 elections and became spokesman for the House of Commons.

"When U Win Myint became the legislator of the House of Commons, he came to Pathein with Mother Cho in 2017. On March 28, 2018, U Win Myint was appointed the 10th Myanmar Presidential Election to replace U Htin Kyaw.

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