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Newspapers for information on local issues, politics, events, Myanmar News - Myanmar Times; The New Light of Myanmar. Burma is taking new measures to encourage foreign investment. The Myanmar state newspaper has angrily condemned the Japanese government. New Light of Myanmar (the English state daily newspaper).

During the first years of the new millennium, the classic.

The New Light of Myanmar is defending the "interest of the Myanmar people".

"Under the guise of democratisation and respect for fundamental freedoms, the UNSC has no right to intervene in a country's foreign policy, nor does any major powers have the right to intervene in the domestic policies of other nations by abusing the UNSC. In the strongest terms, we strongly deplore not only the act of the United States and Britain to endanger Myanmar's autonomy and Sovereignty, the state' s peaceful ness and stable state and also the UNSC member states that chose to vote for such a disruptive act.

Burma is very thankful to the People's Republic of China, the Russian Federation and South Africa for resisting the US and UK resolutions and to Congo, Indonesia and Qatar for abstaining. cWe are resolutely opposed to the attempts by ethnic betrayers outside the borders to use democratic movement as an excuse to allow the Security Council and the major superpowers to intervene in Myanmar's domestic politics.

Essential tension: Democratisation and the Unity State in Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar's attempt by the Myanmar government to implement policy reforms since the end of the 1980' contradicts the efforts of some of the main Myanmar communities and the National League for Democracy (NLD) leaders. Special points of disagreement between the army and its defamers were the state' s character and the division of powers in the (future) democracy.

These, in turn, are about the question of nationhood in a multi-ethnic state, which is differently observed and understood by the various actors. Essentially, the view of non-Bamar groups of the domination of the Bamar minority in terms of ethnical relationships was a very controversial policy question with far-reaching consequences for the construction of a nationally based state.

It examines the interplay between democratisation, scrutiny and legality in Myanmar's multi-ethnic state, where minorities - often by force - have advocated greater self-determination and self-sufficiency since the country's independenc.

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