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Myanmar's New Light is a government propaganda newspaper filled with images of the ruling generals and anti-Western sentiment. "The report can be seen today on The Global New Light of Myanmar's Newspaper. Myanmar News Paper uploaded by Myanmar CNN. Launch of Myanmar's Coffee in Switzerland. A news-story journal questioned whether the.

Myanmar's Global New Light of Myanmar reporter, fascinated by the Maungdaw landscape, miss the ethnocleans.

To assure the remainder of the country and the wider world that nothing is going on in the north of Rakhine State, the state newspaper Global New Light of Myanmar has released a two-part first-hand report on a visit to the area. Thanks, Global New Light. This is the gateway to Rakhine that no other agency has been able to get since last months.

Are the employees of the national newspaper going to meet skinny Rohingya infants who care about their lives, as various multinational press agencies have said? Are Human Rights Watch satellites showing tens of houses in Rohingya towns that have been burnt down going to be confirmed by local people?

Nothing is wrong from the Global New Light view. Peasants harvest their harvests, cattle graze on rice paddies and expelled people move back into their houses. Overall, the area is more scenic than your top-ranked Disney film. When you ask yourself what they mean by "local ethnicity" or "other believers", then you overlook here the point that this area will have forever mayhem.

Gold lands, the bell, the field, the herons, the mountains, the countrys! Sure, one could say there is some confusion between the "local ethnic groups" and "other believers" right now, but once they choose to come together and coexist, the area will be again tranquil and fucking intact.

Disgrace at the UNHCR, Human Rights Watch and all non-governmental journalists who suggest otherwise.

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