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Temperate earthquakes destroy some of Myanmar's capital's couples - Xinhua

Yangon, March 9 (Xinhua) -- Some coup ards sustained severe damage from Thursday's Nay Pyi Taw quake in Myanmar's main city, the offical Global New Light of Myanmar. A 5.5-foot seismic event destroyed the diamonds buds of a 55-foot (16.7-meter) tall marsh in Mau Lay Bin which destroyed the floor of a 45-foot (13.7-meter) marsh in Moe Swe and a 2.7-foot (9-foot) satelite stupa in the Ottara Thiri Township.

In Shwe Nan Thar, a brick wall of the rural health hospital also crumbled due to the mild seismic event. At an epicentre of 19.2 kilometres Nay Pyi Taw, the quake hit at a 10 kilometre deep on Thursday at 03:43:08 GMT (211308 GMT).

New global light in Myanmar

Yangon, October 22 - CNG-fired nuclear energy stations will be constructed in the early phase of the Dawei Special Economic Zones projects, according to U Aye Miyint, union secretary for labor, employment and social security and chair of the Central Working Committee for Implementing the Dawei SEZ. First will produce 15 MW of condensed methane, the second 450 MW later, and CNG for the facilities will be import, the ministre.

Dawei SEZ is subdivided into two parts, an entrance area for small industry and a second area for large industry. Deployment of the first area will start in November or December this year on 6,000 hectares of property and will include the modernisation of the SEZ Dawei -Thai-Myanmar Strait, the construction of a small marina prior to the Dawei Deep Sea Port operation, the execution of energy and utility and construction work.

Aawei SEZ's start section is split into three stages and starts at 1,500 acre first, said U Aye Myint.

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