New Hotel Yangon Myanmar

Yangon Myanmar New Hotel

The New Yangon Hotel. Our hotel. The TRYP Yangon by Wyndham Hotel Group opens in Yangon, Myanmar

The Wyndham Hôtel Group's own contemporary and forward-looking TRYP by Wyndham lifestyles hotels have at last reached Yangon, Myanmar. The TRYP Yangon is a recently constructed Yangon's Mayangone Township resort offering an insight into the corners of the town. For TRYP Yangon room prices click HERE!

You can find TRYP by Wyndham in some of the world's most thrilling towns - Abu Dhabi, Brisbane, Barcelona, New York and Paris. With an unmistakable sense of identity, the brand's urbane atmosphere inspires travelers and assists them in finding the best ways to feel the heartbeat of the town.

The TRYP Yangon provides a fully-equipped dining area and lounging area for an exciting cocktail dinner, as well as free Wi-Fi for our clients to keep in touch with their families and loved ones. Sixty-designed rooms offer a mixture of designs, texture and unforeseen contrast based on Myanmar's long-standing cultural and traditional heritage.

Situated less than five-minute walk from Myanmar Plaza, which provides high-end shopping and eating, TRYP Yangon is just a stone's throw from many of the city's sparkling gold churches, such as the magnificent 34-metre-high Kabar Aye Pagoda and giant Lake Inya. Wyndham has entered Myanmar in 2015 with the signature of a 260-room Wyndham Grand Cruise Grand® Accommodation in Yangon.

The Wyndham Hotel Group is planning to extend the Wyndham Trademark to other important Asia -Pacific locations within the next 12M. It currently has more than 110 properties worldwide, each offering a truly original local setting.

Heritage Hotel Kempinski in Yangon (Myanmar) will open in 2018.

The Kempinski Yangon is currently in the last stage of renovation and is due to open its gates to the public in early 2018. Situated on the beach, in the historic quarter of Myanmar's biggest town and opposite the new river Cruises Port, this exceptional five-star luxurious resort in Yangon will provide luxurious accommodation.

The Kempinski Yangon Heritage Hôtel was designed by Thomas Oliphant Foster and designed by Doorman Long UK, the constructors of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, as the first multi-storey metal construction in the Far East in 1927. Situated on three levels high, the Heritage Hôtel seems to extend along the beach with its impressive pillars.

The work was done in collaboration with the Yangon Heritage Trust, established in 2012 by Dr. Thant Myint U, the distinguished author and historicist from Burma. It is the first Yangon Heritage Trust approved facility that focuses on the art and expertise of the area and is meticulously transforming it into Myanmar's best luxurious city.

Kempinski Yangon Hotel Kempinski will have 219 large rooms and suite with high ceiling. Breakfast at Kempinski Hotel reflects the legacy of Europe's traditional cuisine, and visitors can look forward to a rich and varied menu that ranges from the best birch cereals, bakery products and biscuits straight from the stove, juice and juice, home-made marmalades, home-made jam and spread with chocolates, to regional cuisine full of flavors and tradition.

There is a classical and timelessly elegant café and a rooftop swimming poolside café where visitors and Yangonites can take in the stunning view of the Irrawaddy from twilight to night. In addition to these meals, there is an imposing list of drinks with original and classical drinks in the various restaurant and pubs of the city.

Yangon's stylish, fashionable China cuisine will be taken to a new dimension, while the characteristic Hong Kong chefs will host one of the city's best collection of wines, chosen by experienced cellarmakers. In the Lobby Lounge and tearoom you can enjoy a fashionable version of your evening teas and the fine arts of coffees and teas, supplemented by culinary pralines.

Classic Bar & Café Lounge will be a paradise for lovers of classic Cubans with its fine choice of fine Lebanese desserts, a whisky meal with rums and paints and tailor-made drinks. The Heritage Hotel Kempinski Yangon will certainly feature the stylish Roof Top Bar with stunning views over the town.

Heritage Room will be an exquisite banqueting room for your personal meetings, stylish personal meetings, room dancing, gallery dancing, arts exhibits, tasting and auction. Kareweik Grand Ballroom, the hotel's stunning ball room, is the place for movies, theater, shows and gala night.

Kempinski The Spa, Yangon's largest spa and spa resort, with its comprehensive three-level amenities, invites visitors to soothing and spoiling cures. The Spa & Health Club is a mix of Myanmar's wealth of legacy and offers 6 rooms for treating, a twin VIP suite, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a fitness center, a fitness center, a hair salon, a pool on the roof, and a spa lounging area that offers men and women a place to unwind, socialize, and indulge in beautifying from top to-toot.

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