New Government Myanmar

The new Myanmar government

Myanmar's government should consider a new public sphere. Is it time Myanmar opened its doors to new foreign investment? He hopes that the election of Myanmar's new president will lead to an "inclusive" civilian government. The map does not necessarily reflect the official position of the Federal Government under international law. The new Myanmar government, what are the biggest challenges?

Natural resources of the new government and the EITI's function

Aung San Su Kyi's results of the November elections opened the way for her to become de facto chairman and aroused interest in Myanmar's economic world. Women, as they are called in Myanmar, will face many demanding challenges when the National League for Democracy takes over, such as tackling problems related to the area of physical ressources, the cessation of the Myitsone hydropower scheme, the Letpadaung Taung affair and coal-fired dam.

Those hot-button topics have attracted the attention of locals and internationals during the departing government, and many have wondered how the new government will deal with these questions. Mr Aung San Su Kyi said that only if the new government takes over can the agreements between the former government and the companies participating in the construction of the Myitsone dam be assessed.

While the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) initiative, launched during the last government, was designed for fiscal ends, its members also seek to resolve the myitsone and other local issues. "We need to oversee not only the taxpayer payment chain, but also all the granular procedures of Myanmar's resource-related terms, such as the Myitsone Reservoir.

When necessary, √ČITI will meet directly with the government and work together," said U Kyaw Thu, MEITI's representatives of civilian society. It can work with the government, but its scope is limited to now. "From a realistic perspective, we should consider the current dam study and EIA," said U Aye Lwin, MEITI's company representatives.

Myanmar, which is a regular member of the European Intelligence Institute, has now presented its first progress reports as a "candidate country". As soon as the second progress review is presented in 2017, Myanmar will become a full member. It is only a commodity industry forum, and the realities of the new mining law may require further discussion, as it led to disagreements between the two chambers of this House during the last government.

"At the moment we only know how much taxes businesses are paying, but we need to get detailled output information for each of them. Regional and national authorities should be granted the right to management of indigenous forests. "Mostly, ITI tries to do its work. At the same time, the federal government monitors the allocation of the country's physical assets in accordance with the draft constitutional provisions of the war.

For this reason, resolving problems related to the use of resources is difficult," said U Win Aung, a member of the Shwe Gaz movements that were protesting against the China-Myanmar Gazeline. Basic vision of visibility into the production of resources should be shown to the general population, and more educational programmes should be promoted by the members of the IITI.

Training with illustration and in native tongues should be made available in the near term to support the work of the EITIs," said U Min Tsar Ni of Myanmar EITI. EITI small federations are being established throughout Myanmar with the help of grassroots government to increase openness in the minerals world.

Aside from the EITI reporting in detail, there are many different opinions on the issue of the use of biologicals. That showed that the link between the departments is still weak," said Daw Moe Moe Htun, a civilian group spokesman for Meiji. There is also a need to uncover the illicit miners who work with counterfeit reputations, said U Aye Lwin, the company's agent.

Mines had instructed the miners to make 30 per cent of their production available to the mine either as a source of bullion or as currency as a levy for a certain period of the year. Those who do not pay within the set deadlines will be black listed, but some businessmen on the black list work behind the curtain in other businesses, according to U Aye Lwin.

Although these dubious business people would like to be treated by the government, the members of EMITI do not have the opportunity to impose their own rules. It' s just a small section of the government's transparency," said Ko Min Tsar Ni Linn of Meti.

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