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The new F-35s from the RAF are important for you

With the F-35B coming into operation, which will be operated by both RAF and Royal Navy aviators, the UK's capability to operate from carrier to carrier at sea will be restored. As a result, it is more survivable than existing airplane constructions. With the F-35, the capability of older planes used in the same operation is increased.

F-35 is currently the biggest and most costly weapon program of its kind in the industry, with a forecast worldwide sale of over 3,000 warplanes. Like the McDonnell Douglas Phantom in the 1960' and 1970' and more recently the F-16, this US-built plane will outfit practically all the advanced Washington allies' aerial defence units.

To date, only the United States has used a seasoned fifth-generation combatant, the F-22. Russians have tried to manufacture a - the disturbed Su-57, and China has put its J-20A in early operating duty, as well as a prototypical model of a more restricted capability, the FC-31. The F-35B and F-35A have fallen by 38% and 60%, respectively, between Lot 1 and 10.

It is not yet clear how many planes Britain will ultimately buy. It seemed to be equipped with radars to alter its own signatures - in this case possibly to make it more obvious, i.e. to negate its camouflage characteristic. Anchara has decided to buy up to 100 planes, the first of which will be shipped at the end of June, despite increasing resistance to the Capitol Hill deed.

New technology and engine power vectorization for 2019 from Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-Type Sport Cars have been upgraded for the 2019 series, with a number of changes that include additional painting capabilities, a larger infrared display and full-series torque vectors. The F-Type now also comes into the Jaguar Land Rover performance-based identification system. This means that the starter version with four cylinders carries the type plate P300, while the U6 versions are marked either P340 or U380.

But the F-Type F-Type and SVR are the same. Elsewhere, the F-Type is now available with 18 new painting modes. The 2019 Jaguar F-Type are now available for order and the first shipments are scheduled for next months. Click here to view our detailed Jaguar F-Type test.....

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