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A Guardian article on dual citizenship is currently receiving many questions from the embassy in London. The e-mail address does not apply to Dutch Schengen visa appointments. Dutch Embassy in Great Britain. If you are applying for a visa at the Dutch Embassy in the United Kingdom:. Dutch Embassy in Great Britain.


In the new treaty on the governing parties "Trust in the future" (2017-2021) there is a section on modernising the right to a higher degree of national origin. A Guardian paper on double nationalism is currently being sent to the Embassy in London. Please click on the links at the top of this post to view the full story.

Provides information for Netherlands citizens on travel, life, work and doing businesses in the United Kingdom. Everything you need to know about life, work, travel and doing international work.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London | United Kingdom

Mondays to Fridays: 9.00 - 17.00 o'clock. Other than the closing of the embassy. Mon-Fri: 8.30 - 12.00 and 13.30 - 15.30 (by arrangement only). Arrange an apointment via the on-line appointments system. On this website, please review what documentation you need to take with you to the meeting.

Please visit the VFS Global website for the terms and how to make an appointments. Arrange an appointement with VFS Global. Please email us to make an appointement. Please email us to make an appointement. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to use our enquiry sheet.

Renewal of your Netherlands Pass in Great Britain | Living & Working

For those who reside in the UK and are Netherlands citizens, you can extend your Netherlands citizenship at the Netherlands Embassy in London or via VFS Global in Edinburgh. They are of the Netherlands nationalities. They have a Netherlands identity document (valid or expired) or were previously entered in the identity document of one of their parents.

And if your position is different, choose the appropriate options under Request ing aPass. When you visit the Netherlands soon, you can make an enquiry at one of the Netherlands' frontier communities or at Schiphol Airport. Which documentation do you need? If you are requesting a pass, you must present several papers.

You must make the source and a copy available for each file. It is advisable to have all identification papers in your name. The same applies to international and past documentation. There is no need to carry old papers that have already been canceled ("punching a hole", for example). When you have asked for a residency permit from the British authorities and your identification is with the Home Office, you should ask the Home Office to give it back.

You cannot request an accident management certificate if your Netherlands identity is with the Ministry of the Interior. Is your identity pass or identity pass more than two years old? Did your Netherlands ID expire more than two years ago and you do not have another current internationalID?

You must then provide a certificate of non-earning UK nationality with your request. They can request this via the website of the UK Visa and Immigration Service. Please also provide a filled out and duly authorised request sheet (PDF, 246 KB). 2 photographs (1 compulsory and 1 replacement) which comply with Netherlands photographic standards.

You' re gonna have to go to the embassy to get your identities and prints taken. The name of your spouse can be entered in your personal ID. It is not necessary for this paper to have been recently made out. Please be sure to include an authorized copy of your partner's birth certificates if you are a spouse or dowager and this is to be noted in your pass for the first reason.

If, in other words, you are a citizen of the Netherlands and renew your passport for the first reason after your 18th birthday or your first request since you acquired your other citizenship, you will have to present extra documentation because of your double citizenship. It is necessary to prove that you are legally resident in the state in which you are living.

Is this your first request for a pass or ID for your baby (or yourself) and were you (or your parents) not mature at the moment your baby was born? It' important that you have all the necessary documentation for your job interview.

This is why the Embassy works with a combination of checklists in which you can see which documentation you need to process for each request group. If not otherwise indicated, you must have both the source file and a copy of the same. There are no duplicates in the message, so make sure you make the necessary ones yourself.

If you arrive at your meeting without the necessary documentation, the Embassy cannot help you. Make sure you have filled out the complete registration and have the right pictures. I' d like you to be on schedule. The Embassy cannot help you if something is lacking in your job interview and you will have to make a new one.

As of 5 September 2016, Netherlands residents can also obtain a Netherlands citizenship or ID from VFS Global in Edinburgh. As a result of this piloting process, Netherlands residents will be able to submit both initial requests for a Netherlands ID document and extension to VFS Global.

The VFS Global Edinburgh is not a Netherlands embassy. An additional processing charge will be levied for your job applications. The cost of a visa or identity document can be found in the UK Customs Tariffs Guide. Payment can be made by direct bank transfer or using a Visa or MasterCard payment method.

In case you cannot make your order by direct bank transfer or with your major bank account, a full amount in GBP can be paid in full. First of all, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will establish whether you are a citizen of the Netherlands. You have the right to a valid identity document or pass. You will have your identity document or your pass in about 3 week.

We may ask you for extra documentation to help us evaluate your resume. It can take up to 8 week before you get your ID or pass. What can I do to follow up my job offer? If you request a trip ticket, you will be given a tracking & tracing number.

You can follow the state of your job applications on-line. You' ll be notified by e-mail when your documents are finished. Where can I get my documents? Your documents can be collected from the Embassy in London or from VFS Global in Edinburgh. You' ll be invited to pick up your documents from the Embassy or VFS Global as soon as they are final.

If you wish, you can have your new identity document or pass sent to a UK destination by Royal Mail Special Delivery. How will my old ID pass or identity document be used? In case you did not surrender your old pass or identity document when applying, please take it with you when you pick up your new one.

Your embassy or VFS globally will block your old identity badge or pass and send it back to you. You should inform us in advance if your old documents still contain a visa or residency permit and you want to keep these pages in good condition. Please do not hesitate to ask the embassy in London if you have any queries.

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