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Find out why Senior Reporter and Content Writer at Netguide Journal. Myanmar Post - Author: A guide to visiting temples in Myanmar. The number of temples and pagodas in Southeast Asia is unrivalled in Myanmar. One of Myanmar's leading IT, Electronic & Communication Weekly Journals.

New MobileMonday Yangon and Net Guide Journal in Myanmar

We would like to inform you that MobileMonday Yangon and Net Guide have entered into a partnership for the presentation of MoMo presentations to the world. The Net Guide Magazine is a cutting-edge magazine that appears on Myanmar's open air markets and has a readership of several million. The Net Guide Magazine has set itself the task of keeping information to the public about the technological revolutions in the world.

MobilildMonday is a worldwide happening and has been taking place in Myanmar since April 2014. All of the incidents were astonishing. The MobileMonday will attract more technical audience from Myanmar. MobileMonday will help to become known in the community and attract more newcomers. The power of the medium is also one of the greatest weapons for raising people's consciousness.

If you know more about MoMo, more will be thrilled. When we can excite locals, the processes, when developed countries go fast with wireless technologies. As MoMO Yangon Event has already hosted 100 top Myanmar technicians, the magazine will also profit from the regional techie industry network.

Magazines need readership and relationships. Mo MoMo Yangon needs general consciousness. You' ll see Net Guide Vinyl's in upcoming shows and from the MobileMonday Yangon website. When you read Net Guide Journal, you will see the MobilMonday Yangon story. Each week we write articles and give you information about our activities.

You can still receive messages and information in the Net Guide Journal if you were unable to participate in the event. You' ll also receive exciting updates on MobileMonday Yangon as well. If you are informed early about MoMo Yangon you can experience the feeling of a Celebrity. Currently Blink PR and Digital Marketing Agency takes over the PR responsibilities of MoMo.

We will also work with Blink when you partner with Net Guide.

Net New Guidebook for Japan

199601-12 04:00:00 pdt japan -- mountain Vietnam - Yahoo was the first Pacific travel site to jump into the Pacific on Friday that was produced by a US based business for the world. Co-operating with the Softbank Corp. of Japan, the much-loved online resource will produce contents and images specifically for native-speakers.

This website will be relaunched in Japan next year. Until now, there have only been simple, localized manuals for surfing the Internet and its graphical component, the World Wide Web. "There was no simple way for Japanese speakers to find their way around the Internet," says Ted Dolotta, Softbank America Chairman, in Santa Monica.

It' adapted for Japanese speakers." What made you decide to use Yahoo? "Dolotta said that we chose them because we think they are the best," she said, noting that Mountain View, founded by two former Stanford Electro Technology graduates, David Filo and Jerry Yang, is an investment company owned by Sofbank.

Launched in April 1994, Yahoo - a super-yellow site on the web - has become the world's most sought-after online information leader. The new company will be run by Filo, 29, and Yang, 27, with Softbank CEO and founding member Masayoshi Son, 38, a former UC-Berkeley alum. The company has made the company the biggest distributors of system components and solutions in Japan.

He is also Japan's biggest editor of computer journals and textbooks and has recently purchased the Ziff-Davis Computer publishing empirire. Yahoo's entrance into Japan is in part a consequence of the continuing changes in the nation's telecom infrastructures, which make connecting to the network a little simpler and less expensive, says Adrian Scott, director of Aereal Inc. in San Francisco, who has worked in Japan.

Cofounder Filo said of Mountain View that the firm has been looking for ways to expand globally for some while.

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