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Spectrum Life Net Core, wireless Internet service provider in Myanmar. " Myanmar Text", "Nirmala UI", "SimSun", "Yu Gothic", "Yu Gothic UI" }; private string[] allFonts; public string[] FontNames => allFonts? The NetCore Internet is the leading ISP in Myanmar/ sale@netcoreinternet.

com. Exact market share and competition analyses for Netcore. Check out Netcore's main competitors and compare the monthly adoption rates.

NetCore, another Myanmar based provider

Spectrum Life Net Core, Myanmar based Wi-Fi ISP. Our source says Net Core has more than 500 clients today. NeCore is very proactive in community networking and do not hesistate to spend money on Facebook advertising to increase brand recognition. At the same time, we have seen a considerable number of adverse commentaries on Facebook about our own services and support.

Technologically, they join the group of ISPs using the last miles non-licensed bandwidth (WiFi). We' ve spoken about this technique several occasions and expressed concern about the growing number of people who share the same group, especially in Yangon. In contrast to MyanmarNet, Net Core uses an external aerial to reduce interferences and protects the signals.

Spectrum Life gives us the impression that we are considering winning clients at any price. Concerning the up-stream, we have the information that Net Core uses MPT for the connection to the web. We have not found any evidence of an Autonomous System (AS) in Myanmar.

Although we have found a recorded (but not active) AS for Spectrum Life, we believe that they are planning to become full-fledged. Meanwhile, they must trust MPT for web streaming and cannot maintain diversity/redundancy (e.g. via Ooredoo or Telenor).

Firstly, Net Core has no set fee for installing, the costs are dependent on the results of the poll. The costs of installing are between $150 and $250, which looks quite costly for a cordless install. It' definitely not a competitor to MyanmarNet or Bluewave Broadband. If you want to find out how NetCore distinguishes itself from the competitors, take a look at our web-scheduling.

As a key feature, Net Core provides competitively priced products in line with other WISPs in terms of recurrent charges. In addition, the set-up charge will be an important topic for many prospective clients. As for NetCore uptime, it is difficult to get a complete view, but we can expect it to mainly cover Yangon.

Although Net Core is not willing to offer housing anywhere else in Myanmar, it has recently shown interest in acquiring high locations in Mandalay to set up a cordless area. Finally, in recent month, many ISPs have appeared in Myanmar and especially in Yangon.

The Myanmar administration has granted an astonishing number of licences and we anticipate more gamers to start in the near-term. Some of them like Netcore, however, are not formed into big gamers. NetCore is not going in this vein, but there is nothing amiss about a market recess approach. However, we are confident that there is no room for more than 100 online gamers in Myanmar, no matter how big the state.

At some point there will be a process of consolidating, which will be disastrous for those Internet Service Providers who have not found their niches or have not been able to safeguard their financial and operational resources (radio frequencies, fibre optic priority, access to networks, etc.).

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