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Rainbow Robins visit to the Naypyidaw Union Territory in Myanmar (Burma)' Naypyidaw (juga Nay Pyi Taw) merupakan ibu negara Myanmar. Nurpyidaw bermaksud "Bandar Diraja" dalam bahasa Burma. Myanmar Naypyidaw Union Territory: Administrative region in central Myanmar, which includes Burma's administrative capital, Naypyidaw. Water Fountain Garden, Pyinmanahaung, Mandalay, Burma. The capital of Burma, also known as Myanmar.

Move to Naypyidaw, Myanmar - ACS

11 years after his appointment as Myanmar's capitol, Naypyidaw is now mainly home to the country's civil servants and ministers. People with work experience or knowledge in the fields of building, technology, safety, as well as hospitality and restaurantmanagement have a better chance of finding a career in Naypyidaw.

Expatriates coming from Yangon can travel by coach or road to Naypyidaw, where the journey takes about 300 kilometers or four hours. We also have national and intercontinental connections directly to Ela Airport, now known as Naypyidaw Int'l Airport, where immigrant visa assistance is available upon your arrivals.

Expatriates must take a cab from Naypyidaw International Airport to get to the center of the town, where the price is about 30 euros. Most pets such as pets, felines and poultry coming to Naypyidaw do not require the use of quarantines. It is important, however, that your pets are vaccinated against hydrophobia 30 nights before and no more than six month before they arrive.

You should also have a duly certified and endorsed health certificate from an approved state veterinary surgeon from your home state, issued five working nights before the trip, together with a current import permit. Be sure to check with your local Myanmar embassy to find out more about current and exact moving conditions before you import your pets.

Expatriates from Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand (by plane only), Vietnam and the Philippines do not require a visa as long as their visit to Naypyidaw does not last longer than 14 nights. Before you move or enter Myanmar, you must obtain a visa from the Burmese embassy or consulate in your home state.

These visas are for foreigners whose only use in Naypyidaw is for recreational and travelling purposes only. Visas are for up to three month and are limited to a period of 28 nights, which can be prolonged to a period of 14 at most.

They can also request an e-visa or online on the website of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population, which will cost about 50 euro. It will take three working hours to process the e-visa, and here are some of the prerequisites you will need to apply: Anyone who plans to do or is commercially interested in Naypyidaw will be issued a trade permit.

There are also three classifications: the one-off entrance, which is effective for up to 70 nights, the six-month multientry and the 12-month multientry visum. These last two are for the entire period indicated, but expatriates who have this type of passport must still come back to Naypyidaw every 70 d. The expatriate must be in possession of a new one.

If you are interested, you can request a commercial entry at the Burmese embassy abroad or through the Myanmar Immigration website. On-line fees are around 60 euros and last about seven to 14 workingdays. Expatriates who plan to work in Naypyidaw need a valid work permits from Myanmar Immigration.

Burma's work visas are divided into two categories: the residence card, which is issued for three to twelve month without re-entry, and the re-entry card, which is issued for several trips, which is issued for one year and allows travel internationally during its period of application. When you are a partner or a child moving with you to Naypyidaw, you must obtain your own business license, which entitles you to remain in the town or Myanmar for at least 70 nights.

You can either select one of the different forms of immigration for a commercial visas or apply for a residency card, all of which can be extended, according to the length of your sojourn. Learn more about Naypyidaw, Myanmar with our Expatriate Locations Guide:

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