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Newest tweets from Turkey in Myanmar (@TurkeyinMyanmar). Turkish Embassy in Myanmar. It' Nay Pyi Taw sounds more like Nepido. Inquire Myanmar, Bago, Yangon and Nepido! Mr Aung San Suu Kyis replied to the meeting with diplomats in Nepido.

T.C. D??i?leri Bakanl??? Nepido Büyükelçili?i

Ladies and gentlemen, Salamun Aleykum and Mingalabar to all who assembled here this evening for the Eid-al-Fitr Dinner. Throughout Ramadan I try to better grasp the true nature of patience, thankfulness, disciplin, friendliness, tolerance as well as esteem. Ramadan's mind can best be summed up in a simple word: sharpen.

Partitioning is what makes Ramadana a unique moment. This is symbolised by the gathering at the eftar dinner with invited people, family, neighbours and mates. Dividing God's offerings through the rich and the impoverished, young and old, men and wives. It is only through dialog and intolerance and a sense of union for the sake of peacemaking and prosperity that nations and civilisations and individual beings can continue to move forward and thrive.

Burma is an ethnically and religionally rich population. Myanmar's citizens know the terms toleration, respectfulness and empathy. There' s a legacy in this land to share the happiness and needs of others. In this beautiful land, peoples of different religions have managed to live in hope and tranquillity for hundreds of years.

Burma is known as the Golden Land. Myanmar is the Golden Land. Because it' a very wealthy state. As I see you all, all the colours of Myanmar, gathered here this evening, I am confident about the outlook for the state. It is the ghost that has driven you and driven you here this evening that will help to create a better morning for your family, for your neighbours, for your people.

Myanmar will persevere in the pursuit of democratization, advancement, openness and above all including. You can be sure that Turkey will help the Myanmar tribe on this road. There is no limit to this country's promises.

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