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Map of Nepal in the Köppen climate class. Another seven "eight-thousanders" are in Nepal or on the border with China: Bangladesh is located between India and Chian. Click here for world map, Asia map and Nepal map. In this article we look at where Nepal is on the world map.

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Nepal, the legendary country of the Buddha, Hindu temple and an incomparable hilly landscape, has been ruled by a multitude of fractions since the fourth world war. There is little known about Nepal's early past. Many small empires claimed the area until 1482, when Nepal was divided into three distinct divisions: Nepal's contemporary state began in the latter part of the eighteenth centuary, when King Prithvi Narayah Shah united most of the various ethnical groups and small dominion.

Searching for more land, Nepal dared to enter India and lost part of its own Indian territories to British India, but retained its sovereignty. Nepal was then under the control of a royal family ("lifetime" and inheritance law). The Nepali sovereign ended this system of power (under great pressure) in 1951 and set up a system of state.

Just one year after the first elections in 1959, King Kahendra sacked the chamber, disbanded the House and forbade the holding of party politics. There has been a violent uprising in Nepal since 1990, a regal familyslash and various government disputes that have hit the news. A decades-long civilian conflict erupted in February 1996 after members of the Maoist party (Communist Party of Nepal) struggled to substitute a democratic system for Nepal's state.

At the beginning of 2005 (again) the König disbanded the regime and took over. In mid-2008, the monarchy was replaced by the new Prime Minister of Nepal, Mr Kamal Dahal and President Ram Bran Yadav, the first. The tourist trade was once an important part of the economy in this impoverished land, with a large number of backpacker tourists, mountaineers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts moving to Nepal.

During the 2013 election, the dominating Socialist parties were moved and the prevailing mood was strongly right. Sushil Koirala was appointed as the new Nepalese Premier in February 2014, and the Nepalese parliament is working on questions of taking over an EU leadership and dividing the state into smaller states.

Which kind of government does Nepal have?

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