Nepal Weather

Weather in Nepal

Weekly weather forecast for Kathmandu, Central (Nepal). ((June. to Aug.), autumn and spring is the best fair weather in Nepal. It is also the monsoon season in Nepal.

Weather is sometimes hot and wet. The climate of Nepal varies with its topography and altitude.

Weather in Nepal

More information on Nepal's climate can be found at (official website of the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Ministry of Environment). There are four seasons in Nepal: fall (Sep Nov and Oct), fall (Dec Jan and Feb), fall (Dec), early fall (March, April and May) and late summer (June, July and Aug).

In the fall months the mountainous regions are cool at night, but the light and sunny weather ensures comfortable outings. The Highpasses, especially the Thorong-la-Pass on the Annapurna Circular Trail, Ganjala-Pass, Chola-Pass, Renjola-Pass, Khongmola-Pass, Lauribina-Pass, Gosaikunda-Pass are normally not open during the summer time. Warm weather in the early part of the year, but more winds and significant snowfalls at higher altitudes.

Furthermore, it gets much warm in the area under 3000 feet, and monsoon hiking (June to August) can be done by enthusiastic or seasoned hikers. The weather in the mountains is very erratic. The best times for hiking in Nepal are fall (September, October-November) and early in the year (March, April and May). You can also go on brief hikes and visit some tea houses during the cold and hot seasons.

They must be ready for abrupt changes in the weather during their trekk. Therefore the hiking gear should be selected thoroughly before the journey. Weather is a bit more steady during the hiking period.

Qathmandu Average annual weather

In Kathmandu June is the warmest months with an mean of 23°C (73°F) and the colder months are January at 9°C (49°F) with the highest number of sunny days in April. July is the wetest months with an annual rainfall of 325.3 mm. Typical Temperatures High and low temperatures on average: Rainfall average:

Sunshine on an daily average:

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Nepal has four seasons: March-May, June-August, September-November and December-February. Climatic variations depend on the geographic position of subtropical to mountain ash. Weather forecastClimatic experience the Terai, the south of Nepal, a hot and moist one.

It' the hotter part of the land, where the temperatures rise up to 40oC in summers. Throughout the year, the low mountains have a gentle and agreeable atmosphere. Temperatures in this area range between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius in summers and between 0 and 12 degrees Celsius in the mountains and dales.

North Himalaya area has an extreme mountain atmosphere. Kathmandu River Basin - the main town has a very comfortable atmosphere with mean temperature in summers and winters from 19oC to 27oC and 2oC to 12oC. The degree of precipitation also depends on the season. In Nepal there is extensive rain during the season of the monsoons, i.e. from June to August.

Most of the rain is falling in the east of the state. In most parts of the countryside, the winters are rather arid. The yearly precipitation fluctuates between 300 mm in the north and west and over 2500 mm in the east. Kathmandu's mean four-year temperatures: In Kathmandu during the wet period from June to August it is raining on averages between 200 and 375millimetres.

It rains occasionally in the other times of the year. Kathmandu receives an annual rainy season of 1300mm.

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