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Newest tweets from the Nepal Tourism Board (@nepaltourismb). Nepalese National Tourism Organization. Bangladesh Tourism Board Click here. Receive the best information about Nepal Tourism. Nepal is slowly getting back on its feet four months after two devastating earthquakes.

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Nepal's attendance at the 33nd Korea World Travel Fair (KOTFA) 2018, from June 14 at COEX Convention & Exhibition Center, 159-9 Se..... In May 2018, according to the Ministry of Immigration, 68,825 foreign visitors came to Nepal, with a 9.6% upswing..... The Immigration Department reported that 98,650 foreign visitors to Nepal in April 2018, a strong increase of 11.4%.....

The Immigration Office reports that 287,380 foreign visitors to Nepal during the first three month (January, February and..... The Nepal Tourism Board co-ordinated Nepal's attendance at one of the biggest European Vakantiebeurs exhibitions in Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, The Netherlands.... The Nepalese government has strengthened its position in the FITUR's thirty-eighth issue with 11 tour operators joined the Nepalese quota under the leadership of the Nepal Tourism Board.....

The 6th OTM 2018 took place from January 18 to 20, 2018 in Mumbai, India. The OTM is the largest and most cosmopolitan tourism fair in India..... Nepal's attendance at Adventure Sports Asia Expo (ASEA) 2018 was successfully completed at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Delhi on Monday, January 29.

Bangladesh has met with a very positive response from tour operators in and around the Mediterranean and has successfully..... The Nepal Tourism Board together with Nepal Airlines Corporation, NATTA Far West and 19 privately owned enterprises have successfully participated in the.....

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The Himalayas, wide and glacial peaks, lush verdant forests, old histories, majestic sites and tropical nature reserves make tourism in Nepal a theft. Nepalese Tourism: The tourism is the largest industrial area of the state. With 8 of the 10 highest peaks in the Himalayas, Nepal Tourism is a synonym for mountain climber, climber, trekker or anyone looking for exciting adventures.

Tourist packages: Nepali tourism is not only an adventurous trip, but also an unforgettable one to a variety of churches, including the Pashupatinath Sanctuary, the biggest treasure in the whole wide area. Nepal's tourism also involves wonderful junglesafaris, birdwatching, wildlife safari, birdwatching, canoeing, kayak, boat trips, angling, mountaineering and cycling and so on.

Sights: Sights: There are countless touristic hot spots in Nepal that can knock you out. Nepal's biggest and most populous metropolis has developed into a vibrant holiday destination that meets all budget needs. It is a vibrant town of old buildings and sanctuaries, offering a great variety of adventures: hiking, canoeing, jungles and other adventure-sport.

The enviable beauty of this sea is the main draw in Pokhra. It is the ideal place of refuge for visitors and is considered a near-natural fresh water sea. ahendra Gupha (cave): Mahendra Gupha is one of Nepal's miracles of the countryside. When you plan to go to the caves, don't miss to wear a flare to see the galactites and galagmites.

In Pokhra, this breathtaking scenic sea is known as "Pataley Chhango". Known as the holy birth place of Buddha, Lumbini has a wide range of memorials and shrines. One of Lumbini's most famous travel destination, with all the riches of this historic area.

Patan is 5 km from Kathmandu and has a large selection of art, churches and craft-centers. Walk to the Tibet Refugee Centre and Handicrafts Centre to see the hand-woven rugs and metallic sculptures. Pokhra Trekking: If you want to enjoy life, join a Pokhra hiking tour and see the rugged and sublime places of Nepal that few would dare to try.

You have many ways to travel to Nepal from India, according to how much you want to use. Nearly all the big carriers operate to Nepal.

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