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Is the Maldives an option or what beach detonation can you recommend? Pokhara is the right place in Nepal if you want to visit a lake. There is no beach in Nepal. However, if you really want beach, you can enjoy like beach in Saptakoshi Bank. Situated in the heart of the Nepalese hills, between Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan, our camp offers adventures throughout Nepal.

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When you only have 7-10 working nights, it is definitely the right way to go. It'?ll take too long by land. SRILANKA is great and if you can find a great value airfare from Kathmandu, why not? It' not an expensively priced land to go. I would vote Kerala over Goa any day, but I'm not sure if you can get a cheap ticket there and if your 7-10 days won't be a tad too brief.

As an alternative I would look in the Chitwan National Park in Nepal. Not a beach, but it's a great place to chill out and unwind. It is really something I really enjoy when I was there and it is inexpensive and you can go from Kathmandu ashore.

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I' ve been in Goa for six week and the beach is wonderful. I' m going to Sri Lanka in February and after the research the beach is even better. I' ve been to Sri Lanka, but not yet in Goa, so I can say that my stay in Sri Lanka was wonderful.

Hikkaduwa Beach and Negombo Beach is great for budgeting well. Straight back from Sri Lanka, and they are a few lovely strands, but they are very small strands, Nigombo beach was the poorest of the most in SL...a lot of rubbish on the slats.

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We would like to go to Nepal for the first 2 week trip in October 2018. Which is good, quick and inexpensive to get to from Nepal? Do you have an alternative in the Maldive Islands or what kind of beach detonation can you suggest? Can Thailand be reached by the best / quickest beach? I' d support Thailand.

I can' t believe at this season that it will be somewhere hot on the way to Europe, India, but not exactly on the way. Try Malaysia as Air Asia from Kathmandu to KL and book low cost airfares. Air Asia could also be less costly to travel to Bangkok via KL than with Thai, which are relatively high.

Flying first via Kuala Lumpur (5 hours) and then on to Thailand is too much work! Maybe there is a beautiful beach in India? After the trek in Nepal I encountered several hikers who made a plan to go to the beach in Cambodia, Vietnam and Bali (Indonesia) It is a wise plan to go to the beach to unwind after a few short days of lack of sanitation and restricted board.

I' d look in all directions except the Maldives. Asia is your best choice. We' ve been to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar several time and it was great. However, the journey from Nepal through Malaysia is simply too difficult / far for only 1 weeks!

Maybe Goa, India? It is not the best grade of drinking pool, but it is definitely a funny place and overall much better in hygienic conditions than most of India.

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