The capital of the Huila department is Neiva. It is Neiva, city and capital of Huila departamento, south-central Colombia, on the upper Magdalena River. Big savings on hotels in Neiva, Colombia online. Explore Neiva, Huila with the help of your friends.

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The Neiva (Spanish pronunciation:[?nei?. ?a]) is the department al Huila city. Situated in the Magdalena River basin in southeastern Colombia, it has a total of 378,857 people. One of the most important towns in the Colombian countryside, it is strategically situated.

In 1539 Neiva was established by Juan de Cabrera in an area that today belongs to the Campoalegre area. Juan de Alonso y Arias moved the town in 1550 to the place that is now the town of Villavieja. Here the village was devastated by tribal people in 1560.

In 1612, Diego de Ospina y Medinilla established the town for the third and last consecutive year in its present state. Because of its strategical position Neiva became important during the period of colonisation. Situated on the commercial road that connected the viceroyalty of Peru with Bogotá and Caracas.

Neiva was proclaimed the province's main town, consisting of Neiva, La Plata, Timaná, Purificación cabildos. By 1905, the town had become the capitol of the new Huila Department, separated from the Tolima Department by the federal administration. 1967 the town was badly affected by an 7.2 strong quake.

Among them was the Palacio de Las 57entanas, the governor's residence. During 2003, the town was the site of a major bomb attack aimed at the President of Colombia. Because of its equatorial position and low height, the town has a warm mean seasonal climatic conditions with daily temperature of 88 to 95 Fahrenheit.

Located 4 mile ( about five hours by car) from the Columbian capitol Bogotá. Palembang in Indonesia is the anti-pode of Neiva. The ethnographic makeup of the town, according to DANE: The Neiva is a centre of supply for many domestic commodities such as travel goods, travel goods, travel goods, rice, coffees, meat, milk, byproducts of leathers and other farm produce.

In May, the yearly agriculture trade show presents horse, beef and pig meat from the communities and other nearby cities. All over the town, a visitor can admire the city's dispersed memorials, especially on the banks of the Magdalena River, where the Magdalena shrine, recently erected by the municipal authorities to protect the Magdalena from all contaminants and human-induced pollution, is maintained.

Surrounding this shrine are park and garden, usually populated by local people and tourist who came to the town. It can be accessed by car or by all the main domestic carriers flying to Benito Salas airport. In Neiva there are several colleges serving mainly South Colombia.

Benito Salas Vargas Airport, Benito Salas Airport, designated after Benito Salas Vargas, is situated within the municipality and services national routes. The town is famous for the Folclórico y Reinado Nacional del Bambuco festival, which takes place between the last two week of June and the beginning of July. Football is currently the city's most favourite game.

It is the seat of the Atlético Huila association, which plays in the top level of Columbian pro level footballs. Important domestic and foreign sporting activities take place in the town.

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