Neighboring Countries of Myanmar

The Neighbouring Countries of Myanmar

The four neighbouring countries of Myanmar are all critical actors and stakeholders in the country's ethnic politics. In the north and northeast it borders China, in the east on Laos and Thailand, in the west on Bangladesh and the Indian states of Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram. Which are some countries near Myanmar? In all honesty, Myanmar has so many neighboring countries, but finding allies is very rare. Though not many enemies surround Myanmar.

Neighboring countries China, India, Thailand and Bangladesh

Myanmar's four neighboring states are all key actors and stake holders in the country's ethnical policy. The shared use of a mobile frontier with the same ethnical population on both sides means that the ethnical issues of Myanmar affect them as well. Myanmar's government's policy on the Middle East and Myanmar Middle East conflict will affect the security of the Myanmari people.

A few of these are: refugees/IDPs, drugs trade and economical developmen. The Yunnan officers and secret service operatives keep tight but largely non-formal contact with some of the militarized ethnical groups, namely the Kachin (KIO), Wa (UWSA), Kokang (MNDAA) and Mongla (NDAA-ESS). People in China play a vital part in securing and securing the livelihoods and survivors of these groups, e.g. through financial aid, trade, power, supply of cleanliness, and unofficial reception of migrants.

Thailand has strong contacts with the Bordermilices (RCSS/SSA, KNU, KNPP and NMSP) through Thailand's municipal and secret services. It is also home to a large number of Myanmar migrants. Thailand is currently creating SEZs, large scale industry development and road development in the ethnical areas along the country's borders and in neighbouring Myanmar.

With the Myanmar administration, India is working in close cooperation to combat its northeastern rebel groups. They are complaining that rebels are continuing to attack the Indians from Myanmar outposts. It is also improving India's business relationship with Myanmar by opening free trading areas, constructing highways and carrying out capital expenditure such as the Sittwe Harbour in Rakhine State and the Tamanthi Reservoir in the Sagaing Division.

Bangladesh has no strong links with its other neighbours in Myanmar. In the past, the land has tolerated many Muslim Rohingyas. However, they sealed their borders during the Buddhist-Muslim cult clash in the state of Arakan in June and October 2012, although the UN asked them for sanctuary.

The Bangladesh wants to create a separate economy area at the frontier, but the Myanmar authorities have not followed up on theirs.

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