Neighboring Countries of Myanmar

The Neighbouring Countries of Myanmar

Located in Southeast Asia, hidden in the shadow of Thailand, India and China. The earthquake shakes Myanmar and neighbouring countries. Border trade, formal or official: trade between two neighbouring countries. The Myanmar military junta is on a five-day visit to strengthen diplomatic and economic relations between neighbouring countries. Unemployment in Myanmar is in the middle of ASEAN and neighbouring countries.

Political Map of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam

Choose a country file from the list below: The Cambodia region is situated in the southwest part of the Indochinese peninsula in southheast Asia. Its borders include Thailand in the NW and W, Laos in the NW and NE, Vietnam in the EE and SSE and the Gulf of Thailand in the SSE.......

LaaS is a land-locked nation on the Indian-Chinese peninsula in Southeast Asia. The eastern part is linked to Vietnam, the northern and northeastern parts to Myanmar (Burma) and China, the southern part to Cambodia and the western part to Thailand....... Burma is situated on the continent of Southeast Asia.

The area is bordered by China in the northern and northeastern parts, Laos in the eastern part, Thailand in the eastern and southeastern parts, India in the northwestern part, Bangladesh in the western part and the Andaman Sea in the southern part....... Situated in the centre of continental Asia. The Andaman Sea in the western part, Myanmar in the western and northwestern parts, Laos in the eastern and northeastern parts, Cambodia in the eastern part and Malaysia and the Gulf of Thailand in the southern part........

Viet Nam is in Southeast Asia. Its eastern border is the South China Sea, its western border is Laos and Cambodia and its northern border is China........

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka

The Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan, or Jamhouri Afghanistan, is a land-locked Central Asian state. It is situated in the eastern and southern parts of Pakistan, Iran and Turkmenistan in the western part, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan in the northern part. It has a small frontier with India and China in the northeast. It is ruled by an Islamic emirate government.

Islam is the dominant religious group ((with 84% Sunnis & 15% Shiites). It is also providing human aid to Afghanistan and helping to build educational centres, clinics and other institutions. As the incubator of Muslim militants such as the Taliban ("students of religion" founded and maintained by the Pakistani secret service) and Muslim terror organisations such as the Al Qaeda of Osama bin Laden.

Therefore, India's relationship with Afghanistan was of importance in terms of political and political stability. Bangladesh, or Gana Prajatantri Bangladesh, is encircled by India, Myanmar and the Bay of Bengal. Formerly East Pakistan, Bangladesh was one of the five states into which Pakistan was split when it was founded, when the former Indian Empire was split up in August 1947.

Eastern Pakistan became an autonomous unit called Bangladesh on 16 December 1971 after a summer conflict in which India was an active supporter of the East. The government of Bangladesh is a parliament in Dhaka. Islam is the formal religious system (86.7% of the population) and Hinduism is the other predominant one (' 12.1% of the population).

And Bangladesh is the second biggest Muslim nation in the whole wide globe in relation to its inhabitants. The city of 2000 muskets is known as the City of Musk. Over 200,000 for the state. Bangladesh has an estimated 1,200,000 indigenous peoples. Recently, with the proactive participation of ISI (Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan), many counterterrorist trainings have been set up in Bangladesh.

lndia has safety issues with illicit migration and trafficking out of the state. India has built barriers on the Bangladesh frontier, which has weighed on the relationship between the two countries. Recently, the Bangladesh Bordeaux Rangers have attacked BSF (Border Safety Force) staff in India.

The kingdom of Bhutan, or Druk-Yul,'the lands of the Donnerdrachen' is located in the Himalayas to the east, in northern China and on all other sides of India. It has a democratically governed Bhutan and its capitol is Thimphu. The Buddhism is the dominating religious system (70% of the population), followed by Hinduism (25%) and Islam (5%).

Bhutan, through the Indian-Bhutanese Friendship Treaty of August 1949, declares its willingness to ask the Indian government for help with its external affairs, but is free to do so. A lot of our undergraduates have a higher level of education in India. It is dominated by India.

The Peoples Republic of China, or Zhonghua Renmin Gonghe Guo, is the most densely populated and third biggest nation in the word. It is made up of 22 counties, 5 independent territories and four communities. Most of the inhabitable continent of East Asia is occupied. One of the best irrigated countries in the hemisphere is the east half of China.

Peking is the capitol and the state is governed by the Communist Party. 2002, with its 1. 28 billion-strong population but a per head GDP of just $4600; China became the second biggest economy both in the U.S. and in the U.S. (measured on a buying force base).

Recently, China and India have begun to take action to enhance the relationship, especially on frontier matters. Sikkim has been adopted by China as part of India, and India has in turn adopted Tibet as an independent state. The two countries formed joint commissions dealing with various topics. The Republic of the Maldives, or Divedhi Raajjeyge Jumburiya, located about 675 km southwest of Sri Lanka, is made up of more than 1200 small island corals (199 inhabited) grouped in 19 atols in the Indian Ocean north.

Maldives' main town is Male, and the Maldives has a pre-sidential democracy. Islam is the dominant religious group. In 1988-89, the Indian Navy started Operation Cactus to save the then male government after a putsch. With the Maldives, India has the best relationship, although it believes that the gayoom government should do nothing to smother the peoples efforts at democracy.

Recently, when the Maldives was affected by the catastrophic devastation, India immediately sent emergency and emergency response team. The Union of Myanmar, (formerly Burma) or Pyeidaungzu Myanmar Niangangandaw, is situated in Eastern Asia, with a coastal line along the Bay of Bengal. Accompanying it are India and Bangladesh in the western part, China in the northern part, Laos and Thailand in the eastern part.

The Yangon (formerly Rangoon) is the capitol and the land is governed by the military. In Myanmar, India supports the democracy movements. The UN awarded Burma the rank of the least advanced state, once the wealthiest in Southeast Asia, in 1987. In July 97, Myanmar became a member of the National Group of Myanmar (BISTEC), which was subsequently re-named BIMSTEC (Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand Economic Cooperation).

Myanmar, known as the "rice dish of the Far East", also cultivates sugar cane, groundnuts and the bean. The kingdom of Nepal, or Nepal Adhirajya, is a land-locked land in the Himalayas. The border is defined on all other sides in the northern part of Tibet (China) and India. Rathmandu is the capitol and the head of state is King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev.

It has a monarchical system in which the parliament has a House of Representatives (Pratinidhi Sabha) with 205 members. Other great faiths are Buddhism (5%) and Islam (3%). It is one of the worlds impoverished and least advanced countries, with almost half the Nepalese live below the poor.

India is the most important trade area. Approximately 30% of visitors come from India. India and Nepal concluded two treaties in February 1996, one of which was an agreement to share the use of the Mahakali Sea for energy and irrigation. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, or Islam-i Jamhuriya-e Pakistan, borders Afghanistan to the western and northern sides, Iran to the southwest and India to the eastern side.

There is a small frontier with China. The head of state is President (Gen.) Pervez Musharraf and the head of state is in Islamabad. Islam is the state religious group ('Islam') (followed by 97% of the population). Farming (including forest management and fisheries) is the cornerstone of the Pakistani economies, which employ about 50% of the working populace and generate about 26% of the country's GNP.

During the period of the country's sovereignty, India was split into a seconded India and an Islamic Pakistan on the foundation of the two-nation theory. The name Pakistan should cover Kashmir (the name Pakistan is a coin that represents "Punjab, Afghanistan's frontier states, Kashmir, Sind and Balochistan"). The J&K state of India followed when there were Pakistani raids.

Since then, Pakistan and India have been in a territorial war. Kashmir, also known as Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), has its own assembly, council, Supreme Court and Supreme Court. Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) has established and maintained counterterrorist centres in Pakistan and PoK to promote terrorism in India.

Sri Lanka, or Sri Lanka Prajathanthrika Samajavadi Janarajaya, is an Indian Ocean isolated by the Palk Strait about 80 km to the south of India. There is a republican system of governance with Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga as president.

Conflict between the Sri Lankan authorities and Tamil organisations has been going on for some considerable period of development until President Kumaratunga proclaimed a state of crisis. lndia was not directly participating in these talks.

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