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Today Burma is in the middle of a probably long game of political transition. If you are concerned about what currency you will need in Burma, all the electrical information you need for your trip, adapters, cables, plugs, etc., please contact us. Refugees from Burma are likely to need an interpreter. - Refugees from Burma can avoid direct eye contact.

For how long to allow Burma

One of the first things to consider when you plan a journey to Burma (Myanmar) is that it is a big state. Burma is also one of the long, thin nations in which the area specializes (e.g. Thailand and Vietnam), and more than 2,000 kilometers separate its northernmost and southernmost points (Thailand and Vietnam each measure around 1,650 kilometers).

It may look good on the road and it's a lot of pleasure for an hours or two, but the news of narrow-gauge railways and ailing taxiways is quickly fading.... Cross-country trips in Burma can be long and tedious. Burma is a country where the peculiarities of Burma aviation can make internal flying time-consuming and even on a good night it is obviously relatively expensive - and this in addition to the cost of lodging, which is significantly higher than what you are used to in Southeast Asia.

If you are thinking about a route, don't be too competitive. Also the " must sees " of the land are a little dispersed, i.e. if you want to take them all on one journey, a kind of journey is necessary. Here is a brief overview of the proposed timeframes for the main tourist attractions to help you plan your journey.

Please be aware that many of Burma's tourist attractions, both well-known and less frequently used, can be great places to stay - here we will only stop for the amount of times it takes to see the real attractions. Rangoon: It is a large town with many attractions, among them couples, market and museum. But what is also marvellous about Yangon is the pulsating streets and the amazing architecture of Victoria - the most amazing in Southeast Asia - so it's just worth walking around.

How long should you spend in Yangon is more like the length of a cord than any other inland destination? andalay: Burma's second town is much smaller than Yangon and does not have the breathtaking old settlement dating back to the Colonies.

Another would be a half days excursion to say Mingun or Sagain, and perhaps Mandalay Hill, plus some breathers in between. Sandalay Hill with the Shan Plateau in the back. Bagan: Boating on the Irrawaddy between Mandalay and Bagan is certainly a nice way to get around, but if the timing is not on your side, please be aware that it will take up the best part of a full working days, and that it costs about as much as a plane ride.

In fact, you can have a great deal of pleasure in Bagan if you explore the small, remote alleys and old towns on horseback or by bike. Find out more about our hand-picked selection of accommodation in Bagan. While a two days stopover would allow you to visit the various places on and around the lakeside, In Dein included, without hurrying, a third would give you a little bit of relaxation in the funny little city of Nyaung Shwe itself and the opportunity to explore some of the places in and around the city: the square, the old Shan Wood Promenade, the vibrant lakeside promenade or even the near-by Red Mountain Winery.

So to summarize, this allows two or three in Yangon, two in Mandalay, two in Bagan and two or three in Inle, plus your travel/organization in between. That means that you only need the best part of two week for the most important attractions if you follow a fairly deadlock.

We would take these minimum hours into account and there would be no need for side excursions like a daily excursion to Mount Popa of Bagan, a Nyaung Shwe daily excursion to Pindaya, Kalawor Shan Plateau market, a daily excursion from Mandalay to Pyin U Lwin or Bago, Pyayor Pathein of Yangon, and.... we did not even mention the shore!

Mt Popa - a full outing from Bagan? Myanmar has a great deal to see, but you don't have to see it all at once. Travel arrangements can be almost as crazy as it is enjoyable, and here are some contours to help you get in. Don't overschedule!

Myanmar is suitable for a quick journey with regular flight or a longer, slow journey where you don't get off the ground. However, Burma is a good place to go. Most of the people who visit remains on the island, but Borneo is definitely a worthwhile place to spend it. When your stay is restricted, stay in a part of the land.

Thin and long, Vietnam looks easy, but walking is sluggish and the distance from A to A can really be a nag. When you are not on an unlimited journey, you should be careful in your plans. It' great to be able to enjoy your travel plans. Also keep in mind that you are going on a vacation - not a strategic one.

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