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Beaches are not the first thing you think of when you think of Myanmar. The nearest beach of Yangon (and easiest to reach) is Chaung Tha. Situated on the west coast of Myanmar, near the municipality of Pathein, opposite the Bay of Bengal. It' the nearest beach of Yangon. He escapes the fast-moving city of Yangon to relax on Myanmar's sandy beaches.

Yangon City Beach? - ZanGong (Rangoon) Board

Yangon City Beach? To choose: 1st Ngapali Beach: 1 hr flights from Yangon every day. 2nd Chaungtha Beach: 5 hrs coach ride from Yangon. 3rd Ngwe Suang Beach: also about 5 hrs by coach from Yangon. Ngapali Beach, not yet overpopulated. The Maungmagan Beach (near Dawei): clear water and gold sands in one hr flying time from Yangon to Dawei.

5 Letkhokkon Beach: the wardrobe to Yangon, 4 hours drive by boat. Ngapali or Ngwe Suang, not as beautiful as Chuangtha. Myeik (Mergu) Beachs & Islands: one flying lesson from Yangon, mainly because of the Mergui Archipelago Zone, where some beach activity can be done.

I was Chaung Tha and Ngwe Saung: The two enchanting beaches near Yangon

Many travellers ask: "Are there Yangon shores? "or""Is there a beach in Yangon? "I can tell you that although the Yangon region is bounded to the north by the Gulf of Martaban, it does not have a touristic beach, but that there are several shopping ones. But if you want to see some of Myanmar's most stunning shores near Yangon, we suggest Chaung Tha Beach and Ngwe Saung Beach.

The beach of Ngwe Saung is situated in the Irawaddy area of Myanmar. Ngwe Saung means "silver" in Myanmar, therefore Ngwe Saung Strand is also known as Sliver Strand. It is a beautiful place to relax, with 15 kilometres of fine sandy beaches and a clear ocean, surrounded by high palm trees that sway in the wind.

Ngwe Saung beach has fewer luxurious restaurants and less tourists than Ngapali beach, which makes it quieter and more serene. The beach at Ngwe Saung is also an excellent place for great shellfish and beach and lake activities for your trip to Myanmar.

In December 2013, the beach volley ball and sail competitions for the Southeast Asian Games took place here. One of the nearest Yangon beach, Ngwe Saung is easy to reach from Yangon. The drive from Yangon to Ngwe Saung takes 5h. In the mornings the busses leave from the west Yangon station (Hlaing Thar Yar Coach Terminal) at 6:30 and 7:30 am and cost 10000 Kyat per tick.

Please be aware that the Yangon central area is 45 min drive from the main train terminal. The Chaung Tha beach can be the nearest of the Yangon beach. Chaung Tha is more like Ngapali Beach and Ngwe Saung Beach; it is more of a place in the Myanmar mid-range. They can swim, canoe, and pony rides up and down the beach.

Some of the most common beach sports you can do are buying memorabilia, playing beach soccer and having a picnic with your mates. The beach of Chaung Tha is very similar to these in other parts of Southeast Asia; it may not be the most beautiful coast line. But the beach offers a comfortable and inexpensive alternative for those who are travelling on a reasonable price and need a breath of sandy and sunny weather.

Like Ngwe Saung Beach, Chaung Tha Beach is easily accessible from Yangon. Bus departures from Yangon at 6:00 am (and 9:00 pm in high season) and take 5-6 hrs, although the distances are less than those of Yangon and Ngwe Saung Beach. Reverse coaches depart Chaungtha Beach at 6:00 am and sometimes at 10:00 am.

Please be aware that it takes one hours by cab from Yangon town centre to the suburban school. Travelling by cab from Yangon to Ngwe Saung Beach is much more expens. Visiting Ngwe Saung or Chaung Tha, two of Yangon's most beautiful sandy beach, is an extra "strange wind" for your Yangon trip or an interesting itinerary.

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