Neal Training Lords

The Neal Training Lords

One common business type near Neal Training Within Lords Cricket Ground are sports clubs. toad Lord's Health and Fitness Centre is one of the most spectacular gymnastics events in London. Once you've exercised at the Lord's Health and Fitness Centre, you won't want to exercise anywhere else with panorama views of the Home of Cricket's renowned children's room. Lord's' sporty footwork hardly needs to be introduced.

The Lord's Health and Fitness Centre is situated in St. John's Wood, around the edge of breathtaking Regent's Park, just above the Marylebone Cricket Club's Indoor School. Thanks to our position, we have one of the securest, most safe and most exquisite fitness studios in the city. The Lord's Health and Fitness Centre is a five minute stroll from the St. John's Wood subway stop and is an excellent place for everyone in Maida Vale, Marylebone, Camden, Mayfair and the area.

Lord's H &F offers an upscale, stress-free workout area. A handpicked range of personnel instructors and our own personnel show us how we can make your healthcare and physical training objectives our top priorities. From the first meeting, our kind, inviting and highly skilled employees will make you at home and make it your aim to achieve your objectives.

The Lord's H&F Centre is proud to offer our members the best possible training experiences. We have a wide selection of machines to ensure that we can offer you everything you need to reach your healthcare and physical training objectives. If you want to loose some of your body mass, strengthen or enhance your cardio-vascular condition, we have erect bicycles, recumbents, treadmills, trainer and a handlebar, all overlooking the Nursery Ground, just to make these lung-busting workouts a little bit simpler.

In addition to our excellent cardio-vascular area, we have an unrivaled line up of force and resistive devices. Featuring ten resistor station, a powerful package, a forging machines, dumbbells in 2kg steps up to 30kg and in 1kg steps up to 10kg, 6 Olympian bars, 2 E-Z-bars, a traps counter, three banks and a bank with connected bank presses, there is no better place to gain muscles and become strong than in the Lord's Health and Fitness Centre.

In addition to our cardiovascular and weight machines, we also have an exhaustive selection of practical exercise machines. These include kettle bells, medical grade ball, punchbags, TRX grips, bisu ball, stairs and much more. The MCC Cricket Academy Coffee Shop and bar is located on the first level of the Marylebone Cricket Club Outdoor College and can be accessed through the Lord's Health and Gym area.

"I' ve got extensive supervision and managerial abilities in the gym business. I have 15 years of gym business expertise and I am committed and do more than necessary. - Building long-term relations with members who often seek health counsel. "He is an energetic, pro who likes everything to do with sports and physical training and wants to continuously increase his know-how in this area.

I' m happy to try out different courses in London and get to know the best gym skills with different people. Bachelor in Sports and Recreation; Master in Exercise and Health and Wellbeing for special groups; " I was borne and raised in London, I like London and it is still my favorite town in the time!

We at Lords Health and Fitness are proud to announce a whole new series of courses that are constantly evolving as we introduce new and thrilling courses and possibilities for our members. Please visit our website to keep up to date with what's going on at Lords Health and Fitness.

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