Naypyidaw Zoo

Nay Pyidaw Zoo

I' ve taken my children there, but not much of a zoo here and no activities for children. The Nay Pyi Taw Zoological Gardens is located in Naypyidaw. Newpyidaw - Naypyidaw Zoological Garden. Naypyidaw Zoological Gardens (Burmese: ??

?????????? ?????????? ??????, pronounced: Zoological Garden Naypyidaw is the largest zoo in Southeast Asia.

Nay Pyi Taw Zoological Gardens on your journey to Naypyidaw.

Naypyidaw rides like Nay Pyi Taw Zoological Gardens can be part of a personal route. As part of a sight-seeing trip we paid a visit to the zoo and afterwards we are sorry about this! Of course, the price of tickets is $10 or 13,000k yat for aliens. It costs money to come if you want to take a trip with the car.

They are mainly the birds, whose enclosure is usually too small and soiled. Often the pets are either all alone (although they group animals) or there are too many in a group. Those that have to live in a cage have no native vegetation, but usually only the trunks of a forest, naked cement flooring and colored partitions.

Of course you can see the birds well, but it is not a nice view, but makes you very sorry and thought-provoking.

Burma's decadent zoo is full of forgeries.

Naypyidaw was clandestinely constructed by the Myanmar army in the early 2000s. His acknowledgement as Burma's new capitol in 2005 has surprised everyone - both the global fellowship and the country's citizens. Soon after the town was inaugurated, tens of thousands of civil servants, soldiers and the entire administration abandoned the former Yangon (Rangoun) to settle 200 leagues further north into the Mandalay area.

It costs the state more than five billion US Dollar. The year 2012, when I reported on the Rangoun election in Burma, I took a parade to the town where the Myanmar never really resided. Naypyidaw is home to 930,000 inhabitants according to state records, but according to several reports the actual numbers are much lower.

When I got there, I realised there wasn't much to do, so I wasted my precious stone visit to an abandoned gem shop, an abandoned mall, play a game of Golf on an abandoned course and visit the only zoo in town. Everything in Naypyidaw, from luxury restaurants and malls to this sculptural-leopard, seems man-made - and silly.

It is a shop window of a place that should not yet be used. So I found myself in the zoo of Naypyidaw on a very hot evening. Located in the north-east of the capital, between a football ground under development and an ultra-modern airfield (where no multinational corporation operates), Naypyidaw Zoo mirrors the delusions of grandeur that the gendarmes have maintained since 1962.

Because of the filthy glass of the pencil I could see some sick penguines squashing in standing waters next to swimming wastes. Returning to Rangoun, a boyfriend of mine said the Penguin was filled with live penguin food that had been brought in by airplane from China - an expense the state of Burma would never pay for its people.

Does the Myanmar army consider Rohingya women sexual bondwors? Naypyidaw safaris cost more than the monthly salaries in Burma. Situated in the northeast of the town, the Naypyidaw Zoo, where tiger are standing next to chilen Penguin, is as unhealthful as paradox.

Former Burma Junior Commander-in-Chief Than Shwe is behind the foundation of the new Burma capitol. A real desert, he never even consulting the Myanmar population until he spent more than $5 billion to keep his spirits up. Out of the garden, staff (mostly women) receive less than $2 a days to cut the lawn and grow them.

Whilst the outside temperatures are almost 115°C, the penguines are stored in a cooled pencil with a strong smell of muck. These little pinguins are foddered with Chinese freshwater seafood in a land where the people are struggling for a good diet. Naypyidaw is a haunted place with its laughable demographics (less than 100,000 people for a place three time the size of Paris and its suburbs).

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