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You can read more in Naypyidaw Wikitravel or Lonely Planet. Myanmar parade - Myanmar Burma Menu - Naypyidaw, capital of Myanmar. Officially Nay Pyi Taw is the capital of Myanmar. Naypyidaw, the capital of Myanmar. Naypyidaw's meaning in the German dictionary with application examples.

Newpyidaw travel guide: Scheduled city

There is something wrong with Naypyidaw, the capitol of Myanmar (or Nay Pyi Taw, Naypyitaw or one of the other half dozens of titles it used to carry like Kyatpyay). Streets here are broader than most of Asia's capitals and some would not look out of place in Beijing, but there is little on them.

This is because the NPT, as it is often shortened, is a proposed town that has only been the nation's capitol since 2005, when the regime moved the country's capitol from Yangon. While the new capitol is properly subdivided into areas that serve certain functions, such as the army area, the living area, the hotels area, the shopping area and so on, and used to be somewhat taboo for non-nationals, it can now be more or less free to explore.

Historic mean monthly peak temperatures (?): Historic mean monthly precipitation (mm): For more information, visit Naypyidaw Wikitravel or Lonely Planet.

Motorcycle Tour Myanmar 2012: 1st day: Naypyidaw mandalaay

After staying on the ranch until the eighteenth (San San San's birthday), we went down to Mandalay. Papa tried out his new bamboos bar, which he attached to the back of the motorcycle to keep his case. On the next morning, when Dad had his bicycle left next to mine in the motel, I withdrew and tore off a part of my protective cover on his cane.

It was an early beginning to this first of our great journey southwards of Mandalay. We had a frantic drive through the early hours of the night from Mandalay to the highway just outside the city. It was unthinkable that we could get on the highway because everyone we talked to said that motorcycles were not permitted.

As we reached the toll station for about a kilometer, we were simply swung through. The new highway has been saving us a lot of work. We' ve travelled further today than we were planning for the remainder of the journey. It was slippery and empty. As this highway is so new, a few years old, there are only 2 service stations the whole 366 leagues to Yangon.

I had a bicycle that ran empty after an hours on the street. To get some fuel from the salesman, we pulled over at a small cabin off the street. The two 1-litre cylinders of throttle were usually full for 1200 kyats each. Papa made it to the service area, over 140 km from Mandalay, before he refuelled.

when I ran out of fuel. Daddy just made it to the motel without leaving. Since 2005, Naypyitaw is the new Myanmar city. We have a very beautiful 40,000 kyats in our city.

Here, too, the web is high speed, which is a pleasant diversion from the remainder of Myanmar. We were accompanied by 2 staff of the hotels to the petrol stations in the vicinity after a short showers and a short while. We were taken to the highway where they asked some young women to buy us some 1-litre canisters.

And we went to the next train stop on the menu. During the ride I slid his back stake with my feet to slide him the other part. Then we went to the next stop, inflated our thirstily bicycles and continued to the waterfalls area. Waterfallpark is more of a water spring and costs only 200 kyats each.

I also had a 100 kiloats per bicycle entry charge, 200 kiloats per bicycle and 1000 kiloats for my camerawork. More like a fountain garden with only a few man-made water falls, so that we soon leave this place after a few snaps.

It was fun to take some photos of the town council from the garden, as I was prevented by a police officer from taking a photo from the front door as we were passing the mall. At sunset we visited the Ouparta Thandi Zedi a few kilometers away from the garden.

So we got many photos of the street around them and the solid Hauptstra├če, with 10 tracks on each side leading past. Not since we got so many good photos from the street. before we called it a overnight.

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