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Inle ( Nyaung Shwe ) has several travel agencies offering minibuses and buses to Naypyidaw. Activities in Naypyidaw, Mandalay region: What you can do in Naypyidaw. Naypyidaw - Has anyone ever seen Myanmar's new capitol, Thorn Three?

From Bagan we drove with a rented car to Yangon and stayed there overnight. For me, the most interesting part was to see a new, completely rebuilt metropolis, with its contemporary governments, hotel blocks, apartments, multi-lane motorways, and huge traffic circles, etc., all completely rebuilt from the ground up.

Several interesting places, a motel has a railway and a airplane on the premises, which can be used as a restaurant. Edelsteinmuseum, near the sport arena, is definitely a must, $5 entrance ticket, rocks of jump on the lawn. It was not the courtyard or the botanic garden we visited, but the elephant trees opposite the Uppatasanti dock.

Beautiful place, beautiful public baths, on such a large area that prams will take you and your baggage to your rooms. Extremely contemporary rooms with the comfort you would expect. This is a very fashionable market with a good selection of meals and beverages. For example, you had the option of purchasing Coca Cola tins that were made in Thailand or the USA, although the US tins were slightly more pricey.

It is an interesting town for a stopover for one overnight if you have your own transportation.

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The new Myanmar capitol Naypyidaw is situated in the Kyatpyae Village of Pyinmana Township of Mandalay Division. But Naypyidaw means "royal city." Myanmar, the country's administration capitol, was formally relocated to a green meadow 3 kilometers western of Pyinmana on November 6, 2005. The Naypyidaw is about 320 km from Yangon.

In order to service the new capitol, the airport in Ela was extended for the bigger aircraft. Naypyidaw is the designated Myanmar gateway for all Myanmar's airline companies, offering flights between Naypyidaw and other Myanmar municipalities. There are also daily departures of privately-owned fast buses on the 320 km long Yangon-Naypyidaw motorway.

When traveling by land, you can also stop at Taungoo (280 km). At Naypyidaw International Airports, a privately owned cab company has started operations serving travellers to the city. The K2500 Alliance will charge one passenger for a one-way trip between the Naypyidaw International Air Station and Naypyidaw, via Pyinmana, a total of approximately 19 kilometers (nine miles) for a passenger who shares a cab.

It is also possible to hire a rental from your own accommodation, but the prices are quite high. It is situated at the beginning of the zone. It is a real paradise, this new inn revolving around a pear-shaped sea. There is a palm-fringed driveway winding up to the lobby and up to the central dining area with views of the lakeside, skies, banqueting hall and central area.

There are 27 luxurious cottages, 2 suites and 1 president suites. 3-4* hotels in the No. 1 area. The Royal Kumudra Naypyitaw has a majestic 30 hectare, landscaped gardens and is only a 30 minute car ride from Naypyidaw Airport (Ealar) and the city of Pyinmanar and within walking distance of local authorities.

There are 22 premium mansions, 4 suites mansions and 2 executives mansions. Naypyidaw, Myanmar's new capitol, is set in the heart of the Myanmar region's premier hotels and is furnished with taste. The estate also has dedicated eating and relaxation areas, a luxurious spas and Wi-Fi for meeting, conference and seminar use. Favourably placed in the center of the business quarter Hôtel Area in the main city Naypyidaw, opposite the grounds of the embassies.

The plot is located on a 37 hectare first class plot. It'?s the hotel: Close to the Myoma Market there are some locals who offer Myanmar and China meals that are very crowded after business hour, and there is the Thapye Chaung Market in Naypyidaw, the best place to eat in Naypyidaw. Actually, there's not much to do in Naypyidaw.

Myoma Market's nightspot is very busy and after March 2008 you can also enjoy the new 81 hectare Naypyidaw Zoo Garden.

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